Hi. Following on from interest on the PH thread and a couple of people on here I'm just posting up details of this meet. Guess I'll have to pay my tenner subscription now - will be in contact this week... ;)

Original thread on: http://www.pistonheads.co.uk/gassing...p?h=0&t=617697


1. jasoncorn - TVR Tuscan or Fezza 430
2. robbydee - The number 42 beast.
3. devout gooner - MX Lightning
4. shirazjiwa - Fezza 348
5. parksie - Alpina B10 V8
6. GilesAMorse - 993 Cab
7. neilrallying - Murtaya(s?)
8. ol' dirty - Fiat Coupe
9. wadgebeast - Yellow Alfa Romeo Spider (Old School)
10. Rotaree - SLK AMG
11. jdwcd - Lamborghini Diablo 6.0
12. marcosv8 - Marcos Mantis GT
13. Negative Creep - Datsun 120Y or Golf GTI
14. carsarecool - TVR T350
15. theboymoon - 306 rallye
16. delusional - MR2 MK1
17. Pannywagon - Pug 607
18. Jon944S2 - Porsche 944S20.
19. Fallen Angel - Porsche Spyder (fingers crossed
20. sssline - Civic Type-R (Se7enesque kit if sunny!)
21. Crugbun - Ferrari Mondial or Renault GTA V6
22. Liveaxlebladder - Westfield
23. V-GOM - Civic FD2 (if it has arrived and cleared customs)
24. Bomber Denton - TVR Chimaera 500 or a Golf GTI.
25. Pacey - Volvo 850
26. 190E Matt / MDavison - Mercedes 190E 2.0
27. dennispj - Mitsibushi Evo X
28. ptp170 - Elise (Sunday only)
29. Robfow - Fiesta XRV
(30. ClubScuderia Member: Obiwonkeyblokey - Fezza 575)
(31. ClubScuderia Member: Rupert - Fezza Mondial or Audi A6 or Alpine GTA)

Hello. Just to update evryone as we are now four weeks away...

Currently trying to finalise a start venue. I have been in contact with Neil at Adrenaline Motorsport (Murtaya) as I am also trying Kingsley village as well. The INTENTION at the moment would be to use Kingsley Village (Fraddon) as a convenient starting point as it's right by the A30 with breakfast / coffee / shopping facilities for those that want to or need it. I'm envisaging meeting around 09:30-10:30, with a briefing and handing out of route plans etc 10:30-11:00, we would then kick off around 11:00.

First stop would ideally be Adrenaline Motorsports new factory / garage for a tour and demonstration of the cars hopefully. We would then tour around Cornwall (route yet to be decided) ending up at the Plume of Feathers (Mitchell) for a late lunch around 2-3pm. I have just made contact and if we are about 30cars (and I'm estimating 50 people) I'm trying to arrange a buffet lunch at around 'x' per head if this sounds OK to everyone? We would then tour for a short while longer and I am then trying to find a suitable end venue where we can congregate around 4pm to say our goodbyes etc and then make our seperate ways.

Criteria for this is that any participent must be a PH member, although exceptions to this come and see me as I want names and an idea of numbers for route plans etc. It is strictly for PH enthusiasts only (so no fluffy dice or go faster stripes - boy racers in their corsas/novas can stay at home), otherwise all welcome.

Part and parcel of this is so we can all meet and greet our fellow PH'ers so after the event, if we decide on another hoon - we can discuss the nature of any event on here and the direction in which to go (I had to get one cheesey pun in there!)

So how does that sound to everyone?