16M tunnel loom going in. It contains the power source & relay part of the secondary air injection electrical system, and the fuse and two pin power supply connector for the ion module.
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I've gained a 40amp Maxi fuse and a black 50amp relay (not the red F1 relay next to it that I accidentally identified with the green arrow!) for the SAI system. F430's are built with a spare mounting stud for the SAI relay because emissions standards in some markets mean the system is required. The Scuderia Bosch engine ECUs are now installed - note the 'F131LP' code on the left bank ECU in shot, and also the E-Diff module.

F131 = code for the original 360 chassis ;
E = 'Evoluzione' (evolution) - the modified chassis for the F430;
LP = The Scuderia code suffix. I don't know the official term, but I estimate 'Leggero prestazione' (lightweight performance).
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A very minor point; I tracked down the fuse type that Ferrari use which feature an opaque rather than translucent plastic shroud. The manufacturer is MTA, Italy.
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Interestingly, the Scuderia uses aluminium rather than steel brackets for the electrical modules. They are, of course, lighter! I have swapped my original brackets for them.
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All in the conversion to Scuderia management is weight neutral, so I haven't recorded everything in my sheet: the F430's four knock sensors with shielded wiring back to the ECUs, and heavier steel brackets that were removed are offset by the Scuderia ion module and relay loom. I think that's excellent given the significant improvement in knock detection.

I estimate a relaxed weekend's worth of work away from testing the new management - I can't wait for that.

N.B. excuse the low quality photos.