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Thread: F430 New owner diary inc. maintenance & upgrades

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralph P View Post
    Really interested to see the graphs before and after when DMS have finished with the car.
    From memory, the major spec items are... carbon airboxes, ported inlet manifold, Capristo ex. manifolds and cats, X-pipe exhaust? If that's correct I too would hope for comfortably over 500!
    There won't be a before power run with my car because DMS aren't starting from a running configuration, but rather creation of rough a base map, then iterative development runs to find the optimum.

    I'm sure we all know what sort of power these cars make now but the reference data I have is below:

    1) Capristo performed a lot of dyno runs and they don't tend to exaggerate figures, and perform many runs and take an average:
    Completely standard F430 : - 493.1 PS @ 8276 rpm / 495.6 Nm @ 5167rpm.
    Same car, same dyno, Capristo manifolds: - 513.1 PS @ 8275 rpm / 504.1 Nm Torque @ 3922rpm.

    2) Supersprint also publish accurate figures:
    Their standard car made 472.9 Hp at 8205 rrpm / 471.4 Nm at 5450 rpm.
    With manifolds, cats, and rear: 509.4 Hp at 8300 rpm and 501.6 Nm at 5050 rpm.

    I have Capristo manifolds and cats, X-pipe rear, port matched and polished inlet runners, carbon airboxes with +5mm MAF entry, new 90mm MAFs (+5mm) without airflow strainers, and the new management system with ion sensing which safely allows for more advance. It's an MY08 car so already has the Scud cams, heads, valves, injectors, and manifold runners. It has fresh fuel (95 RON not 99 RON), new air filters, and new plugs (PMR8B) gapped at the standard 0.6mm.

    On a strong F430 I'd expect between 520 and 530 on 99 RON, but my car has never felt like a particularly powerful example, certainly not compared to my previous car which was standard other than Top Speed manifolds - it was quite savage over 4.5k rpm. It may be that the variators were holding back the current car, which are now replaced, but it also may just be a case of an engine at the lower performing end of the standard production tolerance, hence I'm not going out and saying 520+

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    With all those mods you’ll should comfortably get 525 plus. If you want to be able to compare remember to get temp and relative humidity settings from the dyno. Makes all the difference when comparing one run against another.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sssdu01 View Post
    I am suprised that a "homolgated" factory part has so little clearance
    You have seen under the skin of any Ferrari right?

    The fitting instructions for the boot lid included.

    “Shim as necessary to fit the lid in line with the body panels” then “now adjust each mesh grill mounting bolt for ‘best for and alignment to the body panels”

    ...regarding the rubber. Agree : Luckily they are standard exhaust hangar blocks that they keep a variety of at places like Kwik-fit unlike the OG metal brackets that snap and rust.

    Seriously I tried six exhaust systems and nothing comes close to this for the combo of tones and quality. Benefits far outweigh any shortcomings
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