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Thread: Stolen Caterham - red/ali, EHJ150P

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    Default Stolen Caterham - red/ali, EHJ150P

    A friend had her Caterham stolen yesterday. Details below...

    Reg EHJ150P
    Stolen from Ingatestone at around 10pm Saturday 26 March with support from silver / grey 4 x4
    Ali body with red nosecone and wings
    1700 Crossflow engine.
    Black bench seats
    Crime number 42/44118/16

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    Please keep an eye out (those in the Caterham clan especially). And pass on the message to anyone you know who may be able to help/keep an eye out.

    Hate car crime. Bad enough with normal cars, but with cars that are special to people it's particularly bad form. Hope the scrotes get found and strung up.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Murph7355 View Post
    Hope the scrotes get found and strung up.

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    On a slight positive note, we got broke into on Christmas Day in our out buildings ( sheds) whilst we were all inside with family.
    I have a good security camera system/sensors and managed to get perfect pictures of the little ****.
    He was in court last week when I was in Hospital so I couldn't go in the gallery and throw tomatoes at him.

    He got 3years 3 months prison
    That's one less **** of the streets by me, I'm pleased with that sentence, thought he would only get a slap on the wrist, crime doesn't pay in my back garden

    Hope the car is found soon safe and sound and you get a good result

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