Replaced front pads recently and while bedding them in got and ABS failure light inevitably followed by CST warning as it is dependant. Tried resetting the battery to get rid of the code but it persisted. Took the car to Phil at DK Engineering who kindly read the codes on their SD3. Was the drivers side wheel speed sensor as I suspected and he reckons a complete coincidence re timing. Was probably about to go and the raised temps due to brake pad bedding pushed it over the edge.

It's a sealed unit, part of the hub bearing assembly so I'm going to have to remove the hub to check it out. I've already checked all the connections and they all look fine. Is there a way to test it on the car?Multimeter? Luckily Aldous has a post on bearing replacement and it looks straight forward. Anyone had this before and are they repairable or should I just order one off eBay now? Can get a used bearing and speed sensor assembly for 250 from Germany with 20k Kms on it.