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Thanks for the response.

While not the same vehicle, what information came out of the ppi for your 348 (that you found helpful/useful) and what could you do yourself first i.e. initial to guage whether that 348 was the right one for you. Curious to know the standard of a PPI as I assume they differing from inspector to inspector.

Understand you may not know a great deal about 612 - I have found it difficuly to find a lot of it myelf - but you mention that 612 seem great value right now....in what context? Based on what they are or on what they were worth when new? An obvious crystal ball style question would be people's opinion of where they are headed - not to make money but may be to buy a better condition for the current price.

Again thanks for getting me to think more about it!
Hi. The PPI really confirmed it was the car for me because I was looking for something quite specific - a car needing lots of cosmetic work but was mechanically sound with zero rust. My PPI listed everything I'd need to get done to bring the car up to A1 condition together with a estimated price. It also checked on outstanding finance on the car, CAT C/D insurance etc. Unlike Gordon above, I found the car and looked over it first. I had a good idea of what to look for as there were (and are) a fair few 348 owners on this forum who were ready to help and gave me a list.

As far as being good value goes, I'm not sure any of the 4 seaters will become 'classics' so I wouldn't worry about values booming, but for what they are - a V12 Ferrari GT with enough seats to get the family in and proper luggage space I think they look to be well priced right now. I'm not massively into modern cars (I don't dislike them, but I do like older motors) but if it was me I'd look at both 612s and 456s. I think the lines of the 456 are perhaps a little more appealing and if I personally had to choose between the two I'd probably go for the older car.