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Thread: Cam belt change again 348....with an issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ian355 View Post
    I agree about your point about resale Paul, however several years ago I heard of one breaking coming up to 4 years. Personally Iíve had tensioner bearings start to whine before the change but it was my first change so I cannot say for sure they were replaced at the last belt change as of course they should be. Management of risk, you pay your money and take your chance.
    Changed mine for hills when I had mine out. Worth doing imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A348W View Post
    Are you getting new radiators or re-cored?

    Mine will need doing at some stage, and I'm more tempted to get them re-cored and save the money, which would be a circa £1k saving.
    I'm getting new ones put in. I was going to have them recored but timing for return was awkward with Xmas coming up. I'll probably get the old ones done next year and sell on to recover some of the cost.

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    I had my Alfa do 600 miles from a belt change only for it to smash the pistons to smithereens. OK a variator failed/faulty/installed incorrectly but the point is it can happen.
    My 360 is should have it replaced in September next year. I won't have it done until the 2019 season starts or maybe I will go four years.

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