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Thread: F430 - A Pillar Trim Removal

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    Question F430 - A Pillar Trim Removal

    Hi all,

    First post after 1 month of 430 ownership, so please be gentle !

    I'm in the process of sorting out the sound system in the car, on the odd occasion that the exhaust note isn't wanted. I've replaced the headunit for a more modern one, replaced the door speakers with JL Audio components, installed dynamat, and fitted a small active sub behind the passenger (can be quickly removed if required).

    Anyway onto my question ... I have a small windscreen mounted DAB antenna to install and you need to stick in to the screen on the passenger side and earth it to the A pillar.

    Q: How do you remove the A pillar trim ?

    Many thanks in advance

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    Default Welcome & enjoy

    No idea how to dismantle a 430 interior but I suspect one or two people who do will be along shortly

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    From memory:

    Remove the sun visors - this enables the upper trim piece to be lifted in each corner near the top of the a pillar trim, to reveal a fixing. There is another fastening half way up the A pillar, underneath the exterior door seal.
    The bottom is slotted in on top of the dash, but the flap that comes down and covers the area near the vent/glove box I. E. facing the driver (I hope that makes sense!) Is held with two push in clips. Be careful as that part of the trim is not strong - lever it off gently.

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