...Unlike last year invites went out on the 1st of December to former participants.

The route has significant deviations from last year.
Thankfully the feedback from last years route mean no drive north east towards the Veneto and horrendous
Traffic that marred the early stages last year. A more traditional stage one drive south east to Mantova towards the coast at comacchio and ending in Cervia should blow off the cobweb. The second stage to Rome takes in the obligatory ascent into San Marino which is always like a video game in real life but then deep into Umbria to Arezzo and Cortona. The rest of the route is all via westerly side of Italy down through Orvieto which is stunning and on into Rome. The third leg to Parma also has a significant deviation this year after the annual fixture of Siena by going near Spezia at Sarzana and taking the passa del cisa before the overnight stop in Parma. From there the last leg goes north to Bergamo before heading to Brescia. So quite a lot of change and good to see the organisers spreading the action around.

It seems they are prioritising former entrants as a new section on the form is asking to list those. I donít think thatís a bad thing given the two pointless accidents last year by frankly idiots driving vehicles that were beyond their abilities into situations that only poor decision making could have reached.

The 599 will again be the weapon of choice but depending on progress with our Italian project it may well get transported down there and left at the farm afterwards.

Route is here www.1000miglia.it/2018-Edition/Route

Info for the Tribute is here www.ferraritribute.1000miglia.it/The-Event/

Would be good to know anyone else on here entering