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It may do no good as you say. Its all meant for a standard factory set up so thats quite possible.
This is where it sits it relation to my Nouvalari exhaust so I canít see it doing much good at all. The upper can of the old exhaust was in the space next to itso maybe it did something but with the Sports exhausts pretty much all sitting about where mine does it does seem pretty pointless.

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Iíve bent it away from the exhaust so itís doing no actual harm but it can still theoretically touch the exhaust going over bigger bumps. Next time Iím tinkering with the engine I think Iíll just remove it and monitor the heat behind the heat shield to see if it seems to get too warm. At the end of the day your car hasnít melted its rear lights in the last 25 years Nick so Iím sure itíll be fine