In my 5 years of ownership (360 Modena F1) I have spent about £15k on upkeep.

Admittedly, not all that was necessary but I want a car with that sort of prestige to look and be as good as possible.

I have now sold my car, probably marginally cheaper than it should have been sold for but the new buyer has not even seen the car. Other than my pics.

PPI was very positive and Bob Houghton reported it had been very well maintained and no reason not to buy it. they did report 2 FL BJ need replacing which was news to me but will be replaced as part of the sale.
Its now with DL for the pre-sale service and when mentioned they said hmmm.. BJ wear can subjective.

Anyway, had the front end repainted 2 years ago at some cost and now there are quite a few stone chips which disappoint. So I agree the idea of patina on newer models wont wash.
Example is the 458 I test drove at a local Ferrari dealer. Front end is peppered with stone ships and the windscreen, well really needs replacing. To me, that's a car that's seen a few track miles even though its only done 7k miles total. And that's being marketed at £186K.