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    Afternoon All

    Thought I'd pop up a small post having just had the clutch and flywheel done on the 355.
    It was on the car when I bought it 10 years ago so thought it might be due...

    Upon opening up, there was Kluber grease all over the place so the whole package was sent to mad dog clutches for review.
    Andy confirmed it was a mess but that they could refurb the flywheel, pressure plate, new friction plate, all new bearings etc without a problem.


    I could upgrade to his lightweight single mass flywheel (rather than the heavy dual mass), sprung friction plate (so no more Kluber grease) with new bearings, pressure plate, clean and shiny pumpkin etc etc. You get the idea. Basically new everything. For not a lot extra...

    Of course man maths got the better of me and I found myself the proud owner of a new lightweight clutch setup (plus all my OEM kit returned to refurb and either keep or sell).

    First impressions?

    Its a doddle to drive and arguably an improvement over factory. The clutch pedal remains nice and light, with slightly more bite than before (but that may be due to all the new friction materials as much as anything else). What I will say is that there is zero judder but the engine spins more freely (if that's possible). Its quicker to spin up and spool down, but not undriveably so. Revs fall off noticeably quicker off-throttle so double clutching gear changes helps, but you can change gear much quicker when really on it.

    Also, its noticeably quicker to turn off when you remove the key (for example in the petrol station). Much more F1 esque. Sounds daft but its an aspect I really like.

    Service and communication were first class and the product also seems to fall into that category.

    If you're in the market for a new clutch, I'd certainly recommend looking into it.

    Happy customer.

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    Good to hear MD are still providing an excellent service. Was about to ask how much it all cost but I found their website:

    Andy used to drive a 348 at one point. Has he still got it?

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    Ordered a clutch for my 355 from Andrew earlier this week, should be here tomorrow

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nosevi View Post
    Good to hear MD are still providing an excellent service. Was about to ask how much it all cost but I found their website:

    Andy used to drive a 348 at one point. Has he still got it?
    He drove it off a cliff.

    Replaced it with a 355 but has sold that as well now.

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