I attended the 2014 Montreux Grand Prix and had a truly great time (posted on this website) and as its typically every 4 years, registered early in May 2018, for the event in Sept 13-16th, 2018.

The MGP team Ezio, Laurent & Laura, ask you to pay by bank transfer, presumably to avoid credit card fees, but I didn't think twice about it and paid my CHF 2,125 deposit straight away.

It seems as though registration was not very strong and so in they July they continued registration with the ability to cancel with a full refund until August 31st.

In August my mother, who was in good health, suddenly had a brain stroke and so unsure of the recovery process, on August 16th I asked to cancel and for a refund. This was refused (what is that about treating your best & most enthusiastic customers with the worst terms). As my cancellation was refused, I still hoped to attend should by mother's health improve. Unfortunately this was not the case and her health deteriorated further and I had naturally to be in the UK where she was in hospital. She sadly died on the morning of Monday Sept 17th, the day after the Montreux Grand Prix.

I sent Ezio, Laurent and Laura an official copy of the death certificate, they still refused to refund me and told me to claim on my insurance. I asked them exactly what insurance that was as they instructed payment by bank transfer, not credit card and didn't offer any cancellation insurance themselves to clients.

So obviously I will not be attending any further editions of the MGP and let this serve as a character reference for the heartfelt organisation team.....