Dear Fellow Member,

Having been asked once again to do the honours as RO ...I've agreed... Quite funny Really Francis's email pinged in as I was just searching Ferraris on PH...


Position up for Election

There is 1 (one) Committee position up for election Mon The Fish (Gordon)

The Returning Officer will be MarkSt (Mark).


Saturday 23th Feb (Day 1)

Returning officer appointed by the Committee - COMPLETE.

Email out to eligible members noting the election has started in progress...

Anyone wishing to stand for the position up for election should PM the RO....NOW

1100 26th February (Day 3)

Window for submitting nominations closes. NB In case of query, timestamps on PMs will be the determinant on meeting this deadline!

RO posts names in the Announcement thread as they are received and will announce final list after 1100.

27th February (Day 4)

Campaigning begins

Q&A thread created

Manifestos can be submitted to the Announcement thread via PM to the RO.

A single dedicated campaign thread can be set up by each candidate.

All club rules will be rigidly enforced (including PM rules see the Constitution pages if in doubt).

Midday 28th February (Day 5)

Voting opens.

We will be using an internal "survey" to carry out the vote again this year (it worked fine last year so no need to incur additional expense). The thread will be placed in the Club Lounge and the link also posted here. A final email reminder will also be sent.

Voting will also be allowed by PM to the Returning Officer (Markst)

Midday 2rd March (Day 7)

Campaigning officially ends. ALL election threads will be closed. Alternative threads are NOT to be opened.

Midday 6th March (Day 11)

Vote closes.

Midday 7th March (Day 12)

Result announced no later than this date/time (to allow time for the RO to post outside of golf hours)....

Should you have any queries, please send a PM to the Returning officer or the Committee.