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Thread: Monaco Historique Grand Prix 2020

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    Default Monaco Historique Grand Prix 2020

    Ok, I know its a way of 8th -10th May 2020 but...

    I'm planning on doing a little road trip down to this as a) it looks great fun b) enjoy it before it gets too popular, and c) put some fun miles on the car! Ohhh and I have a signed, in triplicate, "permission slip" from the boss Although she wont be driving down she might fly down for the weekend!

    A few questions people might be able to help me with please:

    1) Any suggestions recommendations for hotels in either Nice or Monaco with decent parking? (I'm currently thinking Nice as its cheaper, nicer in my view and easy to get to Monaco via train. Having done this a few time for the superyacht show.)

    2) Route, any suggestions of must drive roads? I'm currently thinking Portsmouth morning ferry and boot down to somewhere around Lyon for an overnight stop. Following day up into the hills via Grenoble and down to Nice/Monaco to enjoy the mountain roads. A couple/few days at the races/sights then return. I've not given the return journey any though as at worst can day trip back, but if hitting driving roads go via another route...suggestions?

    4) A good satnav recommendation. Currently I'm using my iPhone but suspect a dedicated satnav would be better. Any views appreciated.

    Thoughts much appreciated everybody!

    PS Anybody interested in making this a CS "long weekend"?

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    Was the last CS w/end at the Historique really 2010.....

    All the hotels will rip you off - we booked a Marriott (Riviera with parking just in France - 50 mtr) about a year in advance

    Route Napoleon is the classic but loads of options have been previously posted

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    These trips reveal personal preferences of course, but since you are planning well in advance and you know Nice already, I suggest that you consider Villefranche sur Mer, Eze etcetera to the west of Monaco and Roquebrune/Cap Martin to the east. If you opt for the latter you can enjoy the company of Italian fans - always good company! Many hotels in the places I have suggested have private parking and the train access to Monaco is still on offer.

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    Default Satnav

    Quote Originally Posted by A348W View Post

    4) A good satnav recommendation. Currently I'm using my iPhone but suspect a dedicated satnav would be better. Any views appreciated.
    I have used Tom Toms for many years now, in the UK, France and Italy and they have always served me well. This is the current version of the one I have had for the last couple of years:
    Best wishes, John
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