Ok so my up until recently both my seats have worked fine, my passenger seat still does!, the issue is with my drivers, now last time out I noticed it wasnít behaving properly, it wouldnít move as far forward as it should, was a good few inches further back than the passenger seat would reach, after a few backwards and forwards requests it went the same distance forward as the passenger seat.

Now however the drivers seat will not move at all, ive had a little nosey underneath best I can and everything looks like it is connected, except thereís a clear plug Which is disconnected under both seats which I assume is those seat sensors for the roof!

I have some questions

1) in between the seats there is that panel, which once removed has 2 fuses and 2 relays, I think one set is for the roof and the other the seats, is this the case that both seats share the same relay and fuse?

2) is there a way to manually move the seat? As it is now I donít see how I can remove the seat as I cannot move it to access the bolts ( I will attempt to rig a set of leads to the drivers motor to see if the motors ok, but would like a plan B if this isnít the issue)