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Thread: Justa little too close!!!

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    Good update...

    Call from Pirtek today that my fuel lines were done and ready to be picked up. One of the benefits of working from home, no work was completed this afternoon, other than on the Ferrari

    So in recap, Ferrari wanted 679 ex vat for two new fuel lines. Even with the current 20% parts discount they are offering...that is a bit steep compared to Pirtek at 108 (inc VAT). Happy days. (At those price differences, I'm not sure what Ferrari is playing at but they certainly wont be enticing the older cars back, even with a 20% discount.)

    Point for people to note, these are not standard AN thread connections, so BF Goodridge connections wont fit; and as a result I couldn't get a 90 degree elbow on the fuel filter end. I ended up with a straight connections which I think is much better anyway; less flow restriction, and actually makes for a better pipe run. 180 swept end was custom made by Pirtek with some good welding. Again due to the thread there are limited ends available. Due to the different connectors I had to measure the pipe run as it would be different, and hope I had it correct! A bit of garden hose and the old adage, measure twice, in this case 4 times!

    5 minutes to fit the new pipe, and test run to make sure everything is good, i.e. no leaks. I'll fit the other side tonight.

    (I have also been taking the opportunity to clean the V dirty engine, not that you would know from the pics, and re cut some new engine bonnet insulation and fit that as I'd cut the previous a little short so it hung down a little on one side and was bugging me!)

    Sweep down from heads to fuel filter with a straight connector instead of a 90 elbow!
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    180 is 12mm pipe so radius is a bit bigger than standard, but there is enough room amongst the other pipes!
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    Old line next to the new ones.
    Name:  Fuel line 1.jpg
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    Nice work adrian

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    Little update..

    So now fitted both sides. I wasn't happy with the way the fuel lines run across the top pf the cam covers, they seemed to be sat on the two earth strap upstands. (Why each cam cover needs two earth straps, both with different bolt sizes, only Luigi will know!)

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    The left hand fuel line was also just touching the fuel filler hose. Whilst possibly not a problem, I'd prefer not to have any contact there; that could get messy!

    I ordered up some s/s rubber clad P clips (Amazon is great, especially when its your wife's account ), and fabricated a little bracket to move the fuel filter by about an inch.

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    Fuel lines sit much better now along the top of the cam covers and the fuel line is nicely clear of the fuel filler hose. (I will remake this bracket over the winter as I didn't put any tabs on it to stop the fuel filter rotating around the bolt in case it became slightly loose.)

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    Ignore the bottom pic, no idea what that is doing there, and cant seem to delete it!
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