Club Scuderia Constitution

1.0 What is Club Scuderia?

1.1 The main purpose of Club Scuderia is to provide an online forum for discussion about the Ferrari Marque and associated subjects as deemed fit by its members, both subscribing and not subscribing.

1.2 Club Scuderia's legal definition is "club and unincorporated association", as it is run solely for the benefit of its members. It does not make a profit as all funds are returned in some form to its members via goods and/or services. Please see for more information.

1.3 Please note that "club and unincorporated association" defines our legal status, not our specific operating model. This broad term covers all club, association, society and charitable organisations and should not be mis-interpreted as defining this forum as an "official members club"

2.0 Funding

2.1 Club Scuderia has a bank account with LloydsTSB Bank. All subscription fees are paid into this account via Paypal along with cheques from sponsors. Cash payments are generally not accepted unless by prior arrangement with the Club Scuderia Management Team.

2.2 The outstanding balance in the bank account is available for Club Scuderia use after the Club Scuderia committee have reserved adequate funding to support the anticipated running costs of Club Scuderia for two complete years. This figure is based on the previous year's expenditure on:

2.2.1 Server hire

2.2.2 Software Licensing

2.2.3 Domain registrations/renewal

2.3 The amounts reserved for running costs may be added to in order to cover costs of engaging the services of external personnel (e.g. legal representation, accountancy, etc), flags, banners, stickers and other ad hoc running costs.

2.4 The Club Scuderia year runs from 1st January to 31st December.

2.5 At the end of each year the Club Scuderia Management Team will provide a list of monies in and monies out, but please note that this is a not a legal requirement. It is merely a courtesy extended to the members and as such will only be displayed in the Club section.

3.0 Distribution of Club Funds to Charity:

3.1 Nominated Charities:

3.1.1 Any surplus funds will be distributed in equal parts between each of Club Scuderia's nominated charities and a fund for ad hoc donations.

3.1.2 The nominated charities are selected at the discretion of the committee based on feedback from the membership.

3.1.3 The criteria for suitable charities for consideration by the committee is that they should either be directly related to the activities of Club Scuderia members in general, or that they are charities that Club Scuderia members otherwise support through Club Scuderia activities.

3.1.4 The date of any donation made to a nominated charity will be at the discretion of the committee in order to be able to time donations to coincide with specific events that the charities in question may be staging during the year.

3.2 Ad Hoc Pot:

3.2.1 There will be an ad hoc pot made up of an equal part to that distributed to each nominated charity. This is to allow flexibility for unexpected donations, for example, to send flowers to injured members.

3.2.2 Paid up members may suggest recipients and amounts for ad hoc donations by sending a private message to the committee account. Committee members may not suggest recipients for ad hoc donations.

3.2.3 Ad hoc donations may not exceed £500 per donation (there is no minimum).

3.2.4 Ad hoc donations may be made from the ad hoc pot by a majority vote of the committee. No membership vote is required.

3.2.5 The committee reserves the right to consult with moderators and/or other paid up members on the validity of making a suggested ad hoc donation or even put the ad hoc donation to a vote of the membership if they so desire. However, they are not under any obligation to do so.

3.2.6 The criteria for suitable charities for consideration by the committee is that they should either be directly related to the activities of Club Scuderia members in general, or that they are charities that Club Scuderia members otherwise support through Club Scuderia activities.

3.2.7 There is no upper or lower limit to the number of ad hoc donations that may be made in a year subject to funds remaining in the ad hoc pot.

3.2.8 Any undistributed funds left in the ad hoc pot at 31st December will be rolled over into the following year's funds for distribution between the nominated charities and the ad hoc pot for that year.

4.0 Admin Responsibilities

4.1 The Club Scuderia Administrators are responsible for the following:

4.1.1 Ensuring that the hired Servers are fit for purpose, and represent good value for money.

4.1.2 Keeping the installed vBulletin software functioning adequately and ensuring that appropriate software fixes, patches and upgrades are attended to in a timely fashion.

4.1.3 Arranging for frequent backups of site data and attachments.

4.1.4 Ensuring that domains are registered and/or renewed as required.

4.1.5 Ensuring that the sections of Club Scuderia are relevant to the membership’s requirements.

4.1.6 Ensuring that sponsors' logos are displayed correctly.

5.0 Moderator Responsibilities

5.1 The Moderators are responsible for the general enforcement of the Club Scuderia rules. In most instances they will deal with individual and/or simple issues concerning warnings and bans. If a more protracted discussion on a discipline issue is required it may be escalated to a committee decision.

5.1.1 General discipline of the membership (subscribed and unsubscribed)

5.1.2 Cleaning up threads/sections

5.1.3 Removing contentious material

5.1.4 Ensuring that the rules are enforced


6.0 Committee Elections and Responsibilities

6.1 Committee Membership and Candidate Qualification

6.1.1 The Club Scuderia Committee will consist of three elected members.

6.1.2 Each committee post is for a duration of 3 years with the positions becoming vacant by turn. An existing member may seek re-election after his three year term.

6.1.3 No more than 1 committee member can be elected at any one time. Schedule of Committee elections / terms to facilitate the introduction of 3 yr terms.

Interim election Sept 2011:  Committee member elected until 31 March 2014

Election February 2012:        Committee member elected until 31 March 2015

Election February 2013:        Committee member elected until 31 March 2016

6.1.5 Committee members may resign their position at any time during their elected term.

6.1.6 In the event that a Committee member resigns:

i) Then an interim election will commence on the last Saturday of the month after the date of resignation, and the term will be for the remainder of the resigned member’s.

ii) If the remainder of the resigned member’s term is less than 6 months, the position will remain vacant until the next annual election.

6.1.7 If the number of serving Committee members drops to less than two people, then an interim election will be held within two weeks regardless of the date of resignation.

6.1.8 Members who wish to stand for election or serve on the Club Scuderia Committee must conform to the following criteria:

i) Have been a paid up member for a minimum of 3 months.

ii) Not be banned for all or part of the election process.

iii) Not have been banned 3 or more times (as recorded in the Sticky Bans Thread) in the 18 months up to and before day 3 of the electoral process (see 6.2). Applies to any election after April 2010.

iv) Not be proprietors, relations or employees of Club Scuderia sponsors.

v) Not be Club Scuderia moderators at the time of election commencement.

vi) Not be proprietors, administrators, moderators or other persons with an official role or interest in a competitor (to be decided by The Committee) internet forum.

6.2 The Election Process and Campaign Rules

All references to the election timetable are given as day numbers counting from day 1 and the start and end time of each day will be midday UK time.

6.2.1 Annual elections for Committee positions will be held starting on the last Saturday of February each year (Day 1). Interim elections may be held according to 6.1.4.

6.2.2 In the case of interim elections, unless an election is called under clause 6.1.5, Day 1 will be the last Saturday in the month after resignation.

6.2.3 A Returning Officer will be appointed by the existing Committee not later than midday on Day 1. The Returning Officer will meet the same eligibility criteria as in 6.1.6.

6.2.4 The existing Committee will send an email to all members, to their registered email address held by the Club, notifying them of the upcoming electoral process by midday on Day 1.

6.2.5 A new thread which will be used for all announcements pertaining to the election in progress will be started in the Announcement section. This will list the timetable for the election, what positions are up for election and who the Returning Officer is for the election not later than 6pm on Day 1. This will be a locked thread.

6.2.6 All candidates should make their intention to stand for election known by PM to the Returning Officer not later than 11:00 a.m. on Day 3. As candidates announce themselves the Returning Officer will add their names to the election announcement thread.

6.2.7 The Returning Officer will post an announcement confirming the final list of candidates for the election and the number of eligible voters not later than midnight on Day 3.

6.2.8 A campaigning window will commence from midday on Day 4 to midday on Day 7. A Q&A thread will be created for members to post questions. Candidates may use the following forms of communication with members for campaigning purposes:

i) A manifesto posted in the Announcements section

ii) One dedicated campaigning thread per candidate

iii) Responses to answers directed at them in the Q&A thread

iv) A link in their signature to one of the above mentioned items

Election posts are to be restricted to these sections only.

Any posts/signatures used must conform to general forum guidelines (particularly around trolling/baiting).

Any posts by a candidate not doing so will result in a warning to the candidate (posted in the election announcement thread for transparency). If a candidate is issued three such warnings during the election a ban will be issued.

AGAIN, normal posting rules apply in respect of all content.

6.2.9 Candidates and their supporters may continue to use the PM facility on Club Scuderia as normal, however all should take particular note of the general forum rules on unsolicited use of PMs.

During the election period, if any notifications are received about unsolicited PMs/emails through the CS system from candidates or their supporters, the candidate involved will be removed from the election (and the election announcement thread updated accordingly). Candidates should therefore take care not to abuse the use of PM/email system.

6.2.10 The Returning Officer has sole discretionary power to remove a candidate from the election if that candidate has breached one or more of the election campaign rules.

6.2.11 In the event that the electoral process fails to deliver an elected Committee of three persons then the sitting Committee may, at their discretion, continue in office or may individually stand down provided that they have first co-opted a qualifying club member to fill a vacant position on a temporary basis.

A new election will be held during the month following the termination of the unsuccessful election, and will be conducted according to the election rules and process.

6.2.12 No amendment to the constitution or rules may be made during a period in which a co-opted member is part of the Committee or in the month immediately following an election UNLESS two successive votes result in insufficient Committee members. In this hopefully unlikely event, the current standing Committee will determine an alternative structure.

6.3 The Voting Process and Voter Eligibility

6.3.1 Voting will run from midday on day 5 to midday on day 11.

6.3.2 To be eligible to vote, members must be fully paid up and have been so for at least 3 months prior to Day 1 of the election and are not banned for the voting period.

6.3.3 Members who will not be online during the time voting is open may register a proxy with the Returning Officer not later than midday on Day 1.

6.3.4 Proxy voters must PM the Returning Officer with their proxy's voting intention not later than midday on Day 6.

6.3.5 The vote will be a blind vote registered on a 3rd party website (which is not owned or controlled by any Club Scuderia member) to be selected by the Committee. Any costs associated with using the 3rd party site will be met from club funds.

6.3.6 The vote will be administered by the Returning Officer.

6.3.7 Where there are more candidates than Committee positions available:

i) Members will vote for as many candidates as there are positions available for election.

ii) The Committee positions up for election will be awarded in order to the candidates obtaining the highest number of votes.

6.3.8 Where the number of candidates is equal to or less than the number of positions up for election, a vote will still take place and the candidates must receive more "for" votes than "against" to be elected.

6.3.9 The result will be announced by the Returning Officer making a post in the announcement section not later than midday on Day 12. In the event that a further election process is required then the date of that process will also be announced.

6.4 Responsibilities of the Committee

6.4.1 Appointing administrators

6.4.2 Appointing moderators

6.4.3 Commenting and voting in extended disciplinary procedures.

6.4.4 Dealing with marketing and publicity,

6.4.5 Liaising with membership over events.

6.4.6 Making decisions on the expenditure of Club Scuderia

6.4.7 Answering sponsorship enquiries (although in reality that's normally done by the admin as first point of contact).

6.4.8 Issuing invoices and collect monies for all sponsors' contracts.

6.4.9 Organising (where appropriate) special offers/discounts on products and services for the subscribed members.

6.4.10 Assisting (where appropriate) in the organisation of regional/national events and consider requests for funding of same.

6.4.11 Authorise the external use of the Club Scuderia logo and name, where appropriate.

6.4.12 Please note: As the group elected to manage the running of Club Scuderia, the committee is able to make/amend policy without recourse to the general membership.

7.0 Code of Conduct.

7.1 The entire Club Scuderia management team are bound by the same set of rules that govern the general membership (subscribed and unsubscribed).

7.2 Whilst Club Scuderia Admins and Mods have a much higher level of control of the forum content and infrastructure, by agreeing to act in these roles, they undertake to not abuse this privilege.

7.3 Any messages sent via the Private Messaging System will only be accessed by the sender and the recipient, and will never be accessed by any of the Club Scuderia Management Team under any circumstances.

7.4 The abuse of this privilege will result in suspension from the Management Team.

7.5 The entire Club Scuderia Management Team will at all times act in the best interests of CLUB SCUDERIA and its Membership.

8.0 Ownership

8.1 Club Scuderia is owned jointly by all its subscribed members. Membership of Club Scuderia does not entitle any individual or collective members to any monetary, or other, recompense at any time.

8.2 Club Scuderia is not for sale and will remain collectively owned, and run for the benefit of its subscribed members

9.0 Contacting us

9.1 Club Scuderia can be contacted either by emailing or by post at Club Scuderia, PO Box 416, Beckenham, Kent, BR3 9BH