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  1. jos

    California T Infotainment unit failure

    You probably could use a broader audience for your query so it may be worth searching the California section on ferrarichat and if no previous answers asking there
  2. jos

    488 Tyre questions

    Buy the set of what you want and flog the spare fronts on Ebay
  3. jos

    Euro trip to Maranello

    Correction 'NONE is urban'
  4. jos

    Euro trip to Maranello

    I've been to all 3 - cannot recall parking but is urban so its off street or better
  5. jos

    Euro trip to Maranello

  6. jos

    Euro trip to Maranello

    Budget ? Look up Chateau De L'Isle or
  7. jos

    F355 2.7 wiring diagram’s

    Just seen you have a bunch of info on Fchat which hopefully will help
  8. jos

    F355 2.7 wiring diagram’s

    You could pm Qavion via Ferrarichat - in older Ferraris the problem was usually the sender but I do not recall if the 355 uses the same system
  9. jos

    How do you buy a Ferrari ?

    If the Tradeclassics car progresses presumably you can talk to AV about specifics - for the Bristol car inspection options include RE SWindon who apparently have a former Ferrari specialist and Bob Houghton in Northleach - Foskers probably should have been in the original list of relatively...
  10. jos

    How do you buy a Ferrari ?

    Oh and comparison with other brands has only limited validity because there is so much more choice both with cars and retailers (when Porsche only made sports cars they still had ten times as many cars in the uk as Ferrari for example) (as an aside is it no longer possible to edit posts ?)
  11. jos

    How do you buy a Ferrari ?

    Could you not turn the problem around: not tell them you're not sure which you want
  12. jos

    How do you buy a Ferrari ?

    I'd add Forza288 to the list in post 3 above as someone to talk to even if it means stretching your budget to go to one of them - don't forget many of the cars advertised are not really for sale just stored at a dealer for the owner - it can also mean the cars even if you can view them are not...
  13. jos

    308 indicaters failed

    Pending a reply to the hazards query my 308 had something like this and it was the fifth wire to the hazard switch being critical to the winkies or to be precise something related to the switch no longer making contact with that lead - new switch = no problem
  14. jos

    EC type approvsl number for 550..

    Perhaps on one of the homologation plates under the bonnet ?
  15. jos

    Colchester Essex Meets

    FOC Essex or maybe Drivers Union ?
  16. jos

    430 scuderia ecu help

    Welcome: you could do worse than talk to Aldous at AVEngneering both about the programming and the work - at a guess if he does not do the ECU in house he'll talk to Eric355 or 360Trev
  17. jos

    Why so colour sensitive.

    What is your definition of financial suicide - is it the same as the 75 % (or whatever it is) of new Ferrari owners who do not specify red from new now ? Or is it that you paid a few grand less but cannot accept what that means at sale time ?
  18. jos

    New users post here.....

    Not red ? Good man Lots of 430 background here
  19. jos

    Oil pressure gauge in 360 Modena

    Yes - my understanding is that the gauge sort of works backwards so if there's an intermittent electrical connection it goes to max
  20. jos

    A friend of a friend

    There should be casting details on the inside of each wheel (which I cannot see in the photo) For example see here Leaving aside the condition issues noted above that will help identify