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  1. MalcH

    New 488 owner

    Congratulations. Luverrly
  2. MalcH

    Is there any harm to charge the battery without removing the cables

    Yes as said, if it is not a battery conditioner/charger then I would disconnect the battery.
  3. MalcH

    FF engine failure

    Crikey 😧
  4. MalcH

    New users post here.....

    Very nice
  5. MalcH

    Mark's 360 F1

  6. MalcH

    Why so colour sensitive.

    First world decisions :D. You know it's all very well thinking about resale. I thought a red manual 360 would command good money (I really wanted F1). What I was offered at the time I attempted to sell was preteeee lowww (maybe the hi-fi did not help, see next) and ultimately decided to keep it...
  7. MalcH

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    That looked pretty quick ;)
  8. MalcH

    A friend of a friend

    Thanks folks. That friend of the friend has probably seen these now. I guess we/they are open to offers. Honestly I've no idea what they are worth. If I hadn't got a 1/8th scale Miura and glass case to build (to be a coffee table) I would buy one myself.
  9. MalcH

    A friend of a friend

    Yes one of those :ROFLMAO:. My pal's mate died earlier this year. My pal and the wife of his friend is working though cars and parts he's collected. He did not own Ferraris as far as we are aware but my pal found these in quite poor condition. not sure if they are genuine or if there is any way...
  10. MalcH

    Dead as a dodo help please.

    I've always kept infrequent use cars on a trickle charger. Optimate mostly. Italian cars in my experience (six in total over time) do leak electricity.
  11. MalcH

    Welcome to the new and improved Club Scuderia

    I don't think forums are as busy as they were generally but I agree this is quiet. Many years ago I was here every day.
  12. MalcH

    Wits end ! - F355 reverse gear gone AWOL.

    Try Ferrari Chat. Terry on here might have an idea but I think Fchat is the place. For me it'd have to be a specialist. Good luck.
  13. MalcH

    348 DIY "Restoration"

    Sorry to hear about your health, job and selling the car. We never know what is in store and the older I get (60 next month FFS) the more I get concerned. Had a Ferrari since September 2004 and although I had a momentary lapse of reason post covid I have fortunately kept hold. I know it can't be...
  14. MalcH

    Adrian's 355 musings

    Last time I checked it is similar here.
  15. MalcH

    MalcH - Mondial

    Sorry for the late reply. I don't. my car came from the factory with front and rear Challenge grills. Does that include the side pods?
  16. MalcH

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    Has he sold it yet?
  17. MalcH

    Help please on potential high owner 458 spider.

    So back in 2015 I sold an F355 for about £73k. I watched it on and off over about a year. It was offered at one point for £115k. Last time I saw it, it was down to £95k. I keep tabs on it and currently it's tax ran out recently but the MOT expired in November last year. I did get a call about 18...
  18. MalcH

    Teething problems

    It was some time ago. When I had my F355 and I came with my fiancée Joanne, Terry and his late wife Jane. It was before 2015. Other than the few Wales runs (which I miss dearly) I have not done much. My car has again done very little this year. I don't do car shows much and especially not in my 360.
  19. MalcH

    Teething problems

    I've not been on here for sometime. Can't see any get togethers happening. It's been a while for me. 2018 I think the last time.