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  1. RobC

    348 Rosso Corsa/creama 1991,Unique Number plate

    Here we have for sale my 1991 348, owned for 8 years, full main dealer service history, comes with unique number plate, contact me for more info if interested .. offers around 70k
  2. RobC

    348 TB 1991 Red/Crema RHD..Service History...55k Miles FOR SWOP

    Ok , After a long break from here and plenty of thinking time, I have come to a decision which involves no money, but an opportunity to own a fast appreciating Ferrari........ Yep ,I know I'm crazy Life is too short to worry about material things in life, and none of us know how long we got on...
  3. RobC

    Front foglight protection?

    i made mine piece of cake and cheap too
  4. RobC

    348 speedo

    Hi all , anyone know of , or know anyone who has a working speedo for above It's not for me , but for a good friend , give me a shout [emoji106]
  5. RobC

    Plea for an owner of a four seater Supercar in the Essex area

    Hi all, Just a had phone call from Mark @J's Hospice, some of you will know we attended a gathering of cars and bikes for their open day in Danbury a few weeks ago....... Mark has a plea for anyone who may have access/own/know someone, who has a 4 seater supercar, something like a Maserati /...
  6. RobC

    Summer Fun Day and classic car show August 9th, Essex

    If any of you local owners want something to do, there's a Smallish Local car show at the Broomfield Hospital along with entertainment, things to do, free food and drink supplied if showing your pride and joy, Large car park for us all to park in ,come along and join us from 12.30 PM onwards......
  7. RobC

    Rik Mayall RIP

    Cant believe it!!, what a talented actor and taken at a young age,Rest in Peace
  8. RobC

    Mileage kept on ECU

    A question , I know the 360 's mileage can be down loaded I believe from the ecu, is this also the case with the 348?, for arguments sake, if the speedo has been diconnected does it still record the miles travelled in it's history?
  9. RobC

    Yellow 348 Crash

    I believe this is the offending vehicle
  10. RobC

    Rear 348 Engine cover Spoiler

    Ok , next project for this year is the design, fabrication, and making of the rear spoiler .. Ignore the Sellotape and cardboard , but it serves as a rough guide of initial shape and design,(bearing in mind I used cardboard to make template the front light covers). So then once size and shape...
  11. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Followed by , with help of Sy's Pictures the Challenge type lens covers to protect the glass from chips The next project for the car will be shown 'Blue Peter ' style with cardboard and tape
  12. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Ok let's follow this small project up to the finish here we have the glass lenses cured with the Sikaflex bonding resin
  13. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Right , gone mad and done them both this evening , popped round a windscreen mate and got a tube of grey sikaflex, cleaned them all of fingerprints, degreasers, and applied a bead of sealant , just have to wait 24 hrs for curing
  14. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Ok mucky stuff outa way , nicely cleaned up for a trial fit
  15. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Umm well I should have looked at the one I just broke to get off , they are Carello , so I'm assuming they are original..... Pic shows the glass lens now removed , and time to tidy up the slot where the mastic goes for remounting new lens.... Now a question , I know of sikaflex, but is this the...
  16. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Here you are
  17. RobC

    Front fog lenses

    Hi Guys, Just a heads up for those of you who have busted front fog lenses,and was thinking of changing them... Mine has a bullet hole in one, and a massive crack caused by stones on the other................... I was going to change them to plastic lenses from a chap who produces them in...
  18. RobC

    A 2001 348 ????

    Surely this is a wind up Someone got carried away, it is described as 1993 in blurb, is this stig's old one?
  19. RobC

    Servicing and fault diagnosis

    Well a nice half hour was spent at Lancasters, going through the diagnosis , Paul, you are correct in your assumption , the key to the whole problem was one woodruff key in top gear which drives the lower timing belt pulleys on one shaft . You can get a three degree movement at the cambelt...