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  1. attilio 348

    348 awake after 3 years sleeping

    My 348 has been sitting in my garage sleeping for 3 years with No dehumidifier no air bubble just covered in blankets. I have started it only twice in that time. This morning I uncovered her to find she was still there:) paint still shiny as I had polished her befor she got covered.battery has...
  2. attilio 348

    R.i.p Muhammad Ali

    A great boxer and even greater personality :thumbsup:
  3. attilio 348

    Merlins blood

    Hi All Anyone heard of this product or used it (Marlins blood) for cleaning wheels. Thinking of buying some,or is there something out there that is better? Thanks
  4. attilio 348

    Marsden march and bupa 10k run

    Hi, me (Attilio simeone) and my wife maria are doing a 14 mile walk for the royal marsden We are trying to raise money for this amazing hospital that does so much good work and is close to our Hearts on the 22/03/2015 Thankyou and also on may 25th...
  5. attilio 348

    italy v Ireland( friendly)

    Any members from here going to the italy v Ireland tonight at craven cottage? I shall be the cheering on the azzurri:thumbsup:
  6. attilio 348

    boxhill morning coffee

    weather permitting! Sunday morning meet at boxhill coffee &bacon roll . Anyone up for it?
  7. attilio 348

    booing vetel why?

    is it just because of Malaysia? or is it because people feel that alonso is the better driver and vetel is winning only because of the car. Webber over the last few years hasn't been able to keep up with vetel so does that mean vetel is get more out of his car? It's strange because I know he...
  8. attilio 348

    A3 drive

    Hi all was wandering if anyone would like to meet up one evening or early wkend morning and go for a drive through the tunnel on the A3.then if its a evening thing we could go for some food and a drink or if its a Morrning thing go for breakfast.?????