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  1. A348W

    My 458

    personally not a fan of black rims; gold speciale ones will look great, in my view. you can always swap back if you dont like them
  2. A348W

    348 parts

    forgot to say, if you are a foc member ask ferrariparts nicely and they sometimes give a discount.
  3. A348W

    348 parts

    ferrari themselves, look on ferrariparts. looks like they have doors in stock. (far far better website than eurospares as you can see actual price and availability on the shelf, although they can source stuff as well) also redbay cars Stefh has an ever turning stock radiators and sensors Id...
  4. A348W

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    For new parts I always use ferrariparts; ask nicely and as a foc member they offer a discount, and have actual price and availability. eurospares just piggiy backs and is generally somewhat out of date. youve done well there! probably one of those winter jobs; not technically difficult but...
  5. A348W

    348 black side stripe

    Halfords use to sell tape. Dont think they do now but would be surprised if not on amazon somewhere
  6. A348W

    Giles’ 488 Scrapbook

    those look terrible! hopefully the paint is all good and you can show that great colour! ppf a must. ppf on my mirrors need redoing soon as it takes a battering!
  7. A348W

    296 GTB prices vs F8 /488

    ah yeah, think I’ll spend £300k based on the opinions of a couple of youtube nobody’s who are after clicks to get money as they would be useless at anything else in life! it is an amazing car to drive; so easy on road and amazingly quick on track but after kangarooing down the M4 with some...
  8. A348W

    296 GTB prices vs F8 /488

    who says its the car to have….the dealers? same as any other hybrid….battery. liability of battery when out of warranty and annoying haptic controls. shame as its a pretty car. now if that was a ice v6 as per the race car i suspect it would have taken off
  9. A348W

    Euro trip to Maranello

    I use satnav and double check with google to make sure they are “real roads” and also force it to go where i want. if you pop on aa or rac website they have a bit on what kit etc you need to drive on the continent. easy enough to just get everything required; if a cop pulls you and they are...
  10. A348W

    Euro trip to Maranello

    Sounds like a great trip and one on my list. If you want to do it in 2 days (more below) ferry/ train timings will probably determine which works best for you. We are the other end of the country and prefer a ferry to the M25. if you go calais way you can stop at reims for the obligatory pic...
  11. A348W

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    Looks good Giles. For us in the west country He has done various components over the years for me; with my 355 magnesium rims going in next year for powdercoating.
  12. A348W

    348 make it the best

    nice 👍. mine were to far gone to refurb and I felt totally aggrieved at the cost for cheap plastic replacements.
  13. A348W

    Adrian's 355 musings

    Think his is yel 355, and was for sale for a bit. Mine’s an imposter, yel 35s! Picked it up at a dvla auction couple months ago.
  14. A348W

    328 - Central Locking Not Working

    Faulty earth? If they work off the car, have you chased/checked the wiring through the system?
  15. A348W

    Adrian's 355 musings

    Santa accidentally bid on a reg, so spent the past few days fitting them. Rear was easy, currently on with double sided tape but will also screw it on; the rear does get hot and I did loose the rear plate on my 348 once! Front was just attached with padded foam with double sides tape; no...
  16. A348W

    Ferrari-Chichester Area

    looks awesome
  17. A348W

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    Thats annoying! Had that on my 348 with something, can’t remember what. Thought I was saving money over Ferrari, only to find out super were making a nice profit! Handy service but…! (fchat parts thread has certainly saved me a few £ on the 348. surprised they dont have one for the 360?)
  18. A348W

    SSO Holiday Gift Guide

    Ive got a pair of those knobbly shoes. Uppers are mint, soles are gone and cant be resoled which is a real shame as such a waste! Ive also got a “smooth” pair from Loakes which look nice but not that comfortable for long drives. I did buy a pair of Sparco but they seem to be made for skinny...
  19. A348W

    Ferrari & Supercar Market

    south; certainly over here anyway. as you say, good time to buy if your in a position to do so. (seems most all daily driver companies here are offering deals and cheap finance) but like everything, will come back round at some stage; ie when interest rates come down.
  20. A348W

    FF engine failure

    sounds like you wont get anything; but id make there life difficult nevertheless; but maybe thats just me! if you havent, post up on fchat.