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  1. spiderscott

    Barn Find RARE Ferrari 512 Boxer Just 6420 Miles 1 of 42 Built - Tragic Story
  2. spiderscott

    Abandoned Ferrari F40 - Rebuild Mission
  3. spiderscott

    Ferrari F355 Service DIY Step by Step Part1: Engine and Gearbox Oil Change Hope it helps
  4. spiderscott

    Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale - How and Why I Built my Own
  5. spiderscott

    Does Driving a Ferrari get you into VIP Places ?

    As a bit of fun, I put the theory to the test and conducted an experiment to find out.
  6. spiderscott

    360 & 430 Door lock problem - How to fix video
  7. spiderscott

    $19000 456 project

    heres the latest finding on my 456 project
  8. spiderscott

    First ever driving lesson in a Ferrari 360 CS

    I surprised my nephew on his birthday with his first ever driving lesson in a Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale
  9. spiderscott

    DIY Fixed my 360 F1 System and just saved a fortune

    Very happy the daily driver is back on the road. Heres the latest video guys
  10. spiderscott

    Did Rats Kill My Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale Transmission ?
  11. spiderscott

    Finally fixed the Testarossa issue !!!
  12. spiderscott

    I Bought a Cheap $19,000 Ferrari Bargain or TOTAL Nightmare !!

    Started a new Ferrari project that I took a gamble on really cheap at $19k, lots of fun but lots of problems
  13. spiderscott

    Stradale Parts

    Looking for any Genuine Stradale parts, I know they are rare but any leads welcome. All bits needed such as: Exhaust system CCM Brakes Seats Mirrors Bumpers and skirt Interior bits and buttons Carbon bits Wheels Engine bay items Parts Seriously Needed Are: LHD required Lower Dash...
  14. spiderscott

    Ferrari 348 Buyers Guide and Review

    The 348 project is now finished and off to a new home in The Netherlands As a final video in the series I've don't a Buyers Guide and review for future owners.
  15. spiderscott

    Testarossa Hot Start Fix

    I've been experiencing a very embarressing hot start issue with the Ratarossa thats gradually got worse over time. It seems to be quite a common issue with the Testarossa starter system so I did a quick clean up of the solenoid and so far it's been working great. Took less than an hour all in...
  16. spiderscott

    Ferrari 360 FULL Timing Belt Service - Step by Step Cam Belts

    Just finished filming the Timing Belt Service on my 360 I've done the video step by step as DIY as possible without the need for very expensive tools. Hope its good and easy to follow. It's part of the full 'major' I've been filming on the other thread but...
  17. spiderscott

    Ferrari 360 Major Service video: How to change the Engine and Transmission Gearbox Oi

    I'm mid way through doing the Full Major Service on my 360 including Timing Belts - Cam Belts Thought I would share the entire Step By Step process of performing the major on Video. Here is Part 2: Changing the Engine & Transmission Oil hope it helps
  18. spiderscott

    Video: How to Replace CV Boot on 355 & 348

    Just finished replacing two of my CV boots on the 355. Its a common problem on these cars and is quite hard to see the boots and check them for splits, but well worth getting down there and taking a look. The Boot Kit itself is very cheap at £10 for 1x Rubber CV boot 2 x Metal Clip 1x Packet...
  19. spiderscott

    Ferrari 355 F1 Gear Display Missing Pixels - Fix Video

    Another common 355 problem fix. Ferrari 355 'F1' Gear Display with Missing Pixels. Just filmed my fix
  20. spiderscott

    How to Upgrade the 360 & 430 Clutch Block - Video

    How to fit the upgraded Clutch Block to a Ferrari 360 or 430. The Original Clutch Block on Ferrari 360 & 430 Models is prone to developing hairline cracks and leaking. In this video I go step by step into how to fix and install an upgraded version