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  1. Nosevi

    My 458

    Great looking car. I actually think black wheels rims look ok on the right car - on your motor I don't think they look bad at all. Think it's down to the fact they 'match in' well with the roof. Gold may be a bit much IMO but I could be wrong, would really need to see a car in the same colours...
  2. Nosevi

    Nice video about Classiche

    Great vid, Jeff (y) Really interesting bit right at the end about finding the Columbo engine designs. In a small way sort of reminds me of when a collector from the continent found 5 of the elusive 348 folding soft top roofs boxed and totally unused in the back of a storeroom at the factory...
  3. Nosevi

    348 parts

    Superformance do some cooling items like radiators and fans etc: I've just had one of the radiators fitted to my car as the old one was getting a bit past it . Obviously not used but a bit cheaper than OEM and often better.
  4. Nosevi

    348 parts

    I know you say other than Eurospares but believe they recently got a 348 in for breaking. Take it you've tried them for what you want?
  5. Nosevi

    SuperCar Clinic - bolton

    I guess this is sort of what I'm getting at above, albeit without personal experience. These places offer excellent rates but I've often wondered if it may be false economy compared to using the slightly more expensive type specialists who really know the cars or significantly more expensive...
  6. Nosevi

    SuperCar Clinic - bolton

    I haven't, Malc. I'll be honest, I've always been a bit skeptical of these multicar specialists who seem to specialise in almost every performance car, which in my mind means they specialise in none. Perhaps it's not quite the same with a newer model as there are more of them about but I've...
  7. Nosevi

    New 488 owner

    Certainly look good (y)
  8. Nosevi

    348 black side stripe

    I'll check mine when it comes back. However it was done it looks perfect. It was done by a guy called Matt Fells of D2Detail, can't find a website but a few internet searches have thrown up a mobile number ( 07794 621858 ) a phone number on a different site ( 01509264022 ) and an address (...
  9. Nosevi

    348 black side stripe

    My car's away at present so I could well be wrong but thought mine was painted in matte black rather than a stickers on top of the red paint. Might not be but that's what I thought they did when I got a respray some years ago. Will check when the car is back, expected in a week or so.
  10. Nosevi

    348 make it the best

    It's sometimes the way when it comes to a major service with these cars I'm afraid. Think it's partly down to being able to find every last issue with the engine, gearbox and rear axle out of the car - issues that might go unnoticed on other cars until they cause an issue are easily spotted with...
  11. Nosevi

    For Sale: 1 of 7 remaining 1994 UK RHD 348 Spider in Rosso Crema (27K Miles, 2 Previous Owners, Current Owner 20yrs)

    All the best with the sale and echo Mark's comments about what you've been doing over the past 18 months.
  12. Nosevi

    348 make it the best

    My car's also away having her major engine out service at the moment. Hope they'll be done later this week.
  13. Nosevi

    Ferrari Power Warranty question

    I'm not familiar with the specifics of your warranty but I'd be surprised (and disappointed) if they didn't. It's not like they could claim it's an item that's expected to wear out and be periodically replaced.
  14. Nosevi

    348 make it the best

    There may be a way but I'm not sure how to do it without taking the reservoir out so you can put it on its end and upside down etc. Only other option might be to thoroughly flush everything through with new fluid and accept you're going to need to do it twice - once to flush out old fluid and...
  15. Nosevi

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    They look good, Giles, and that's less than I thought it'd be. (y) Re your last comment you're a brave man committing to something like that. :LOL:
  16. Nosevi

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    They look pretty good from the photos, Giles (y)
  17. Nosevi

    328 - Central Locking Not Working

    Guessing you saw my reply to your other thread and it was no help so as this is a duplicate I've deleted the other thread.
  18. Nosevi

    Ferrari-Chichester Area

    She looks absolutely stunning (y)
  19. Nosevi

    Giles’ 360 Modena on-line scrapbook

    With 'Ferrari Tax' I think you got off lightly :D There's a thread on Fchat known as the 348 parts interchange which has been added to for years - essentially it's posts of parts which are either the same part as OEM in a different box or parts which can can be used in lieu of OEM parts often...