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  1. AJ3XX

    Road Trip Suggestions

    Hi, Looking for some suggestions for Europe road trip please. We’ve done a few of these now and looking for new & interesting places for a trip in September this year in the 348. Wish to avoid Italy this time and would like to include German Black Forest drive / stay. About max 3k-4k miles...
  2. AJ3XX

    348 Door electrics connection

    I know i read here before about folk having issues with the plug & socket connection for door electrics on 348. My drivers window wouldn't work and it was this issue where one cable had snapped off at the plug. Although i repaired that one, i then noticed three others snapped off (both speakers...
  3. AJ3XX

    The Supercar Event 2016 - Top Gear

    Club Scuderia are once again sponsoring this epic event. Not only some of our generous members driving their P&J all weekend but also a decent financial donation from the clubs savings ! If you're a bit new here, this is the event held at the Top Gear track. Basically they sell passenger...
  4. AJ3XX

    Essex Area Gin Run

    After the very successful Hampshire Area Gin Run, we are now looking to organise an Essex Area meet and looking for someone to take the batten .... (Gin) and head elsewhere but somewhere north of Essex. So, I'm looking at this and let see who's keen to join in: Sy has one of his Drivers Union...
  5. AJ3XX

    France / Fuel

    Hi - does anyone have any recent experience with the fuel issue in France. How bad is it ? There's nothing on the news but I found a stream that said 'things are improving'. Heading there Wednesday and won't make it to Le Mans and back with one tank I doubt. Mainly because my passenger could do...
  6. AJ3XX

    Russ's Cafe Bar

    Lots of walking with the dogs and down to the beach for lunch but mainly enjoying the view from my patio ... Sailing races on Sunday ~ forecast force 8 .....
  7. AJ3XX

    348 Speedo

    Hi, Last few times I've taken the car out for its monthly warm up 20 minute ride, the speedo has stopped working. Works fine for first 10 minutes, then nothing. I'm 'hoping' it's just a plug & socket that's damp and just needs a spray of WD40 but can anyone point me in the right direction, any...
  8. AJ3XX

    Boats and Boating

    Went to the dinghy show last weekend at the Ally Pally. Went basically to have a look at this new single handed Foiling Cat - it was stunning and looks amazing to sail. Basically a miniature America's Cup cat Just one draw back .....£22k! For a boat that's basically in early stage development...
  9. AJ3XX

    Russ's Cafe Bar

    Attilio exiting the ship in his new beige suit after 7 days of all-you-can-scoff Buffett Looking good 'Til [emoji106]
  10. AJ3XX

    Russ's Cafe Bar

    It's such a fantastic day here in sunny Essex that I thought I'd take the day off to mow lawns ..... After a little spin in this .. Tonight a Guinness or two Tomorrow it's the mighty Spurs beating Arsenal ...... I hope ? Tomorrow night - great local band to see Sunday - Alexandra Palace...
  11. AJ3XX

    Bromley Pageant 2016

    Hi guys, As some of you may recall we need a new volunteer to organise this event if it's to go ahead this year. Ken, who organised this for 10 years, is unable to continue as he's not in the UK much nowadays. However, he is happy to point any volunteer in the right direction. I'm sure it's...
  12. AJ3XX

    Show us your Christmas Tree 2015

  13. AJ3XX

    UK Road Trip

    Ok, we've done a few mainland Europe road trips now but we're considering a UK one. There's so much of the U.K. we've never seen. I'm guessing there must be some epic roads in the uk and I suspect most of them are North of Watford Gap. So, I'm looking for some suggestions. We plan to head up...
  14. AJ3XX

    Show us your Christmas Tree 2015

    Courtesy of The Ferrari Centre - a Christmas quiz ...
  15. AJ3XX

    Let's see your dealer signs!!!!

    So, fitted mine today and lit it up. I'm sure an LED panel would possibly be better but to be honest I had these lights left over from a project so I used them ! I think if you're doing the lighting this way it's important to get the driver behind the pony so it doesn't create a dark shade ...
  16. AJ3XX

    'Budget' Garage Make-Over

    Budget one this ..... Just to improve it a bit. I had the majority of the materials and paint left over from various different projects. So, I started with this ... Strip out the crap ... I then battened the wall, insulated and then over boarded with ply. A bit of a rewire, and a coat of...
  17. AJ3XX

    Let's see your dealer signs!!!!

    Received mine today (actually came yesterday but I was out). Outstanding quality and surprised how big they are. Brilliant job and glad I jumped in early. You're not going to be stuck with any of these ! Hope to have it up & lit in the garage over the weekend ~ pics will follow. Thanks Chaps !
  18. AJ3XX

    348 Gearbox Oil

    Hi folks, My 348 is in for its annual service next week and I know it's due to have the gearbox oil changed. I recall reading here previously that there is a particularly good oil for the 348 that helps with the dodgy 2nd gear selection. Can anyone confirm what it's called please ..... and...
  19. AJ3XX

    Classics at the Villa - Italian Cars & Food - Sept 13th

    Classics at the Villa - Italian Cars & Food - Sept 13th A really good day. A cool collection of cars and some great people and friends. Nice to see Sarah there too.
  20. AJ3XX

    Classics at the Villa - Italian Cars & Food - Sept 13th

    A morning of washing & polishing All ready for tomorrow & weather forecast isn't too shabby either. :)