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    SuperCar Clinic - bolton

    'Also I would be very warry about purchasing a Ferrari that hasnt got either dealer or well known and regarded Ferrari specialist stamps in the book.' Yep - sign of an owner looking to save a few bob, warning sirens if the book is full of these. Best to stick with the known Indies imho whether...
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    How much filtered water from a water filter ?

    As this is our most commonly asked question, we've placed our Water Filter Output Calculator live on one of our other websites as a useful resource to anyone considering one of these. You can purchase a filter from here if you wish...
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    Raupp Ferrari Calendar - last one ever

    Renowned Ferrari Calendar photgrapher Gunther Raupp, whom I have represdented in the UK for 10+ years, has just made this announcement: This BEST OF ROSSO CORSA is the last calendar. It has no days of the week in the calendar. With this deliberately timeless sequence, this anniversary edition...
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    Add V8 power to your shower !

    Add extra power to your shower New men’s grooming range from MOTÖR with V8, Flat-Six or Turbo power MOTÖR men’s grooming products are aimed squarely at those with motors in their lives. If you have high octane running through your veins, what better than taking premium modern toiletries into...
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    NEW Fleece-lined outdoor Waterproof & Breathable car cover

    If your car - any car, has to stay outside this winnter and you want a really good protective cover for it, then have a look at these. The fabric is both waterproof and breathable so can go on a wet car, and wont sweat It has a thick fleecy lining so cant chafe the car even on exposed spoilers...
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    'Best Ceramic car shampoo in the UK' says AutoExpress

    Says it all - its lovely stuff !!
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    Raupp 2024 Ferrari Calendars in stock

    Now in stock, with some special features:
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    New mat sets for sale: 348, 355, 348, 575

    Normally £109.99, offered at £79 per set. Custom made high quality, I have had a set in my 360 for 10+ years, and my other cars too. Example images attached, pls contact me if you need more of a specific set. They are listed on eBay but I'd prefer to do a sale via PM and paypal to save their...
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    456GT For Sale

    More details, from the owner: Ferrari 456 chassis no. ZFFSP44C, ENGINE NO. F116 40871. MCL order GT/ 093 colour Verdi Silverstone MetFQ95-3673, beige 4208 hide with Verde stitching, Verde 4305 hide dashboard and verde Forresta carpets. (I am told this is a unique colour combination-a fact...
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    456GT For Sale

    The Earls Court Motor Show 456 is for sale by a friend of mine. Car located South London. The car had one Owner until he bought it in 2021. There is a full-Service History from Ferrari Dealers. Its wanted for nothing, drives beautifully despite its substantial mileage (tbc) Fully fitted and...
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    Something for everyone from Morethanpolish - customer newsletter

    Our latest Customer newsletter....something for everyone.. Morethanpolish News - May 2023 Gifts, Car Shows, Car Tours and New Products for Car Care Unit 15, Station Road Business Park, Barnack, Stamford. PE9 3DW. +44 (0) 1780 749 449 It's clearly Spring time now, evidenced by so many...
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    This woudl look great in your garage.... It'd match mine !
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    Horrendous car covers gallery

    I've been snapping really awful examples of car covers over the past couple of years (I don't get out much...) and have started to use them in our adverts, along the lines of Specsavers... It astonishes me that an owner who considers their car is worth protecting and that a cover is a good...
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    Proper car washing set up

    This in today from a customer who has it all neatly set up, with a Race Glaze 0ppm pure water filter at the heart of it. No water spots for him, no drying of the car necessary, so drying marring or cold chamois/drying cloths to deal with. Time saved to do better things, like drive his...
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    Join the new Supercar driving club Waynes World of Wheels

    We are delighted to be partnering with Midlands based Supercar Club Please have a look and join (joining is free) for great drives & events in 2023 I met Wayne at Nottingham University in the early ‘90’s and have remained friends ever since due to our shared...
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    Free DI water filter output calculator

    We've long had a calculator to work out how much 0ppm DI water the Race Glaze water filters will produce, depending on TDS of your local water (available from your water supplier website), but its been internal. Its now available for external use, so if you've ever wondered, give this useful...
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    Meaco DD8 Dehumidifiers back in stock - also 20 Litre too

    After a mad period of none in stock, we've managed to secure some of the first new shipment into the UK and they were delivered today If you need to dehumidify an unheated space such has a garage, these are the perfect unit as they work in very low temperatures. I have one in my own garage...
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    New DAS-6 v2 DA Polisher kit in stock, £99.99

    And we have the compounds too....
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    New DAS-6 v2 DA Polisher kit in stock, £99.99

    New DAS-6 v2 DA Polisher kit in stock, £99.99 Fancy getting those swirls out, buffing up your paintwork after the winter, seeing how bling you can make your Ferrari ? Then this uprated and great value £99.99 kit could be the answer - you just need a couple of small bottles of compound and...