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Thread: Is your 360 too soft for you?

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    Default Is your 360 too soft for you?

    What do you think? Are the springs too soft on your 360?

    If not stop reading now...

    If you think so I may have a solution for you.

    I know what I think but that because I have been driving much more focused machinery for quite some years now. My opinion with the non-challenge (or cs) cars is that they are very much a sop to absolute comfort over the last word in handling. Please dont take that the wrong way, there is nothing wrong with that and you can understand why given that the profile of the average punter in the market for such a car is older, more mature who wouldnt put up with hash uncompromising ride for ultimate word in track finesse.

    I'm not attempting to propose replacing your springs could do such a thing but having seen the highly impressive work of a Ferrari Racing specialist last weekend its well worth looking into. What am I talking about???

    I visited JMH Ferrari on Saturday and after oogling their 360 Challenge prepped racing cars with full carbon hardcore interiors I got chatting to the director of the company, a gentleman called Jason. I discovered that they offer a full 'fast road/track' suspension rejigging service for the 360. In this track proven conversion they lower the car a little but uprate the springs by a whopping 30% (its 20% on the 360cs isnt it?).

    They then reset the full alignment of the cars suspension settings and dial out the oft critisised 'on the limit twitchiness'. These changes greatly improve turn in and reduce weight transfer in the bends. They have transformed quite a few 360's in the way and say it makes a really big difference to the cars attitude when driven hard.

    I think the price of the springs is about 800 quid. Fitting is something around the same price (including setting up the car). You'd obviously need to clarify the exact prices with them because I cannot remember now but judging on the fact that a core portion of their business is racing 360's you are in no better hands...


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    done anymore carbon?

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