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Thread: Alarm PIN code entry without fobs and reprogramming for new fobs (355)

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    Default Alarm PIN code entry without fobs and reprogramming for new fobs (355)

    I've just completed this procedure after having somehow lost my only key and fob. Although the below is also documented in the workshop manuals, there are parts of the process that are left somewhat ambiguous. What follows is the EXACT procedure that is guaranteed to work (at least on 5.2 Motronic cars with the standard Bosch alarm system).

    You will need the alarm PIN code. This would have been supplied with the car from new, but has very likely gone missing given the age of these cars. If you have it, the PIN will be printed on a small piece of paper (as per the attached pic). You will not find this number duplicated anywhere else, so if you don't have the piece of paper, you will need to refer to an authorised dealer. In this event, you will be required to supply colour photocopies or scans of the V5 and photo-ID. The main dealer will refer to FEMA, who should have the PIN on file providing it's a UK/EU car. Failing this, the original supplying dealer is worth a shot. If neither FEMA or the original supplying dealer have the alarm PIN on file, you will need to purchase a complete set of fobs from the factory via the UK dealer network. In this event, a full set of fobs will be provided along with the original alarm PIN and a new PIN matching the new fobs. Ferrari will not release the alarm PIN in isolation.

    PIN code entry procedure...

    Insert key in ignition
    Wait approx. 20 seconds (at this point, the alarm/immobiliser status LED should be flashing SLOWLY, signifying the immobiliser is armed)

    Turn the ignition to position 2 (just prior to the cranking position) and back to the off position
    Wait >2 and <20 seconds
    Turn the ignition back to position 2 and back again to the off position

    Repeat this for an amount of times equal to the value of the first digit of the alarm PIN (so, for example, if the first digit is an 8, turn the ignition on and off 8 times in the manner described above). Use this procedure for each digit of the alarm PIN. A zero is represented by 10 cycles of the ignition key.

    Once the final digit has been entered, leave the ignition in the off position for >2 and <20 seconds, then turn it back to position 2. At this stage, if you have entered the PIN correctly, the alarm/immobiliser status LED will light continuously for ~5 seconds and extinguish. At this point, the immobiliser has been disarmed and you may start the engine. Alternatively, if you now wish to reprogram the alarm ECU for new fobs, IMMEDIATELY turn the ignition off and back to position 2. Again, the alarm/immobiliser status LED will light continuously for ~5 seconds and extinguish. Continue turning the ignition on (position 2) and off, allowing the alarm/immobiliser status LED to illuminate and extinguish each time the ignition is turned to position 2. After ~10-12 repititions, the alarm/immobiliser status LED wil begin to flash with the ignition in position 2. The alarm ECU is now in 'self-learn' mode. Press and hold the button on the new red master fob. The alarm/immobiliser status LED will flash quickly in acknowledgment. Now press and hold the button of the first black fob. Again, the alarm/immobiliser LED will flash quickly in acknowledgment. Finally, press and hold the button of the 2nd black fob. Turn the ignition off. The alarm ECU has now been programmed for the new fobs.

    If you cannot get the PIN code entry procedure to work, it is possible the car has previously been fitted with a replacement alarm ECU from outside the dealer network (eg. second-hand unit). In this event, the dealer network (and the factory) will be unaware of the change. Even if they were informed, there is no way to extract the PIN from the alarm ECU or the fobs. If fobs are subsequently lost/damaged, the ONLY solution is to replace the alarm ECU and fobs.

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