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Thread: How to fit rear challenge grill to 360

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    Default How to fit rear challenge grill to 360


    6mm Wrench
    10mm Wrench
    Tape (optional)


    1. Mark the top of all the tail lights with the masking tape, just to ensure you install them correctly again. It may be a good idea to label each tail light with a number so you don't get them mixed up.

    2. Remove harness from the back of each tail light, there is a clip that you will have to pull up, after that it will simply slide off.

    3. Remove the two screws and washers holding each tail light off. After this, the tail light should come right off. Proceed to the next step once all four tail lights have been removed. Note that the brackets that come off holding the tail light harness will be used later.

    4. There are 12 10mm nuts there are 4 by the hinge and there are 2 on each side of the hinge that are embedded into the bracing. At the bottom of the bracings there is a hole just in case a nut falls. There is one on each side of the top far corner of the grills and two more in between the ones on the top far corner and the two on the side of the hinges.

    5. Now the OE grill is ready to remove, there are two zipties holding the tail light harnesses to the grill, you will need one person to hold the grill while the other cuts the harnesses free.

    6. Now remove the OE grill, make sure to lay it down on a towel. There are two 6mm nuts holding the Cavallino in place. Remove these and the Cavallino will come right off, note that it will be very tight in place so try to wiggle it out without scratching the paint on the OE grill.

    7. Put the emblem onto the new grill, your Challenge grill should have holes to put the Cavallino back on, again this is a very tight fit.

    8. When installing the grill make sure to put two washers on the top two screws of the hinge, otherwise the hatch will not close properly. We ran into this problem.

    9. Place a towel across the top edges of the bumper to prevent the Challenge grill from scratching the bottom of the bumper. Two people are recommended for this part.

    10. Put the grill into place and note that it may be a tight fit so you will need to start tightening some of the nuts to pull the grill into place and the rest of the holes will start allign. Two top screws on the outer edge of the grill are recommended to get first, because it will bow out and try to rub the bumper otherwise.

    11. Start putting all 12 nuts back on and tighten securly.

    12. Put the brackets, bolts, and washers back on the tail lights. Make sure that the masking tape is in the same position it was when the tail lights were removed. Do this for all four tail lights until they are all tight and fit.

    13. Clip the harnesses back into place, the two middle lights, the harnesses are yellow, and the outer lights, the harness is black.

    Your grill should be back on, make sure your hatch closes and start the car up to make sure all lights are working. This should take 1-1.5 hours. It is a fairly simple job and the challenge grill is recommended for 360 owners as it's a way to help keep your 360 cool and boy does it look good.
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