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Thread: Another insurance query - home insurance

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    Default Another insurance query - home insurance folks were burgled whilst on holiday.

    Insurance company have settled part of the claim, but were awaiting valuations on some jewellery that was nicked.

    Pretty much all of it was collected over the last few decades from various places around the world, so "like for like" is a bit tough.

    Insurers initially came back with an offer of 4.2k. But in vouchers that could only be spent at certain UK high street outlets and had to be used in a certain timeframe (6mths).

    They checked their policy and nowhere in there did it state that they had to accept vouchers, so raised this with the insurer. Who then came back and offered 2.9k cash.

    They've raised it with the ombudsmen who's basically said they can't get involved.

    This sounds a bit odd to me. Anyone else experienced the same?

    It may be that I can help the old dears out as I may need some jewellery vouchers and the high street monkeys are likely to sell what I need. So they'd be getting a good bit of cash value out of the vouchers in that case. But it does seem a bit rum...

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    Srry to hear your parents bad news, It's getting more common these days though.

    Most Insurers will try it on in their first and secons offer but if you hold out you will get a much beter one.

    Try to pull out old photos that may have the items being worn etc. as this gives you a better bargaining tool.

    In future try to photograph or video all around the house and all your valubles and keep in secure place, as it's the only thing you need to prove what you have or should I say had.

    Don't accept the Vouchers, by offering you the Voucher amount they are accepting a loss of that amount. Hold out for the cash equivilent.

    Good luck.

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    When my garage was broken into, the insurance company took a list of all the bits that were stolen and had replacements delivered, not cash or vouchers.

    IIRC most of the goods came from empire stores. Guess they get a bigger discount than you or I and therefore the cost to them of settling the claim reduces...

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