I am really happy with my car and its had all the box's ticket as far as extra's go except for the one thing i would like, sports seat. I was wondering if anyone else has sold there cream std elect seats and bought cream sports seats, would this be to expensive and not worth while? I am happy with the std seats but just like the look of sports seats.

I have 1 other bug bear, i live in weston super mare and ferrari's are becoming far too common here for my liking, they go from the 400 to the 430 ( in white!!) which is the latest addition to the SMALL 6 fingered sea side village. I dont like to be the norm so naturally ( for me anyway ) want to make sure my car look the best. I have a mate who will spray my alloys for me, 18" cs wheels, and just for a change im thinking of trying a diff colour to make my car stand out, i'm thinking the dark gold that is used could look good on a red 360 but what your guys thoughts and any other colour or pics you could add.