This will be not very informative post but rather reminder for people with older cars that if your car is still running with e.g. original plug leads or coils, they are not very expensive (app prices) nor difficult to change. And unfortunately they won't last forever so better to change before they really break down.
I needed these for my 348:
-Magnecor 8.5mm "race" plug leads, red so (IMO) looks better than stock (set 200)
-348 coils, both side, 130 pair
-NGK Iridium spark plugs, you need to re-use or get somewhere "tips" for these, 55 for 8plugs

I changed these this afternoon and also went through most connectors in engine bay with contact cleaner and Stabilant 22 which should be great for electric connections. This will still continue as I try to go through most connections in car and check they are ok, but immediately car felt that its running better.