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Thread: 360 / CS bumper and sideskirt removal

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    Cool 360 / CS bumper and sideskirt removal

    talk thru provided by Alsa Automotive

    To remove the sideskirts.
    Place car on axle stands & remove all 4 wheels.
    Remove front & rear wheelarch liners.
    Remove door catch striker from B post.
    Remove allen head pin bolt below door striker.
    Peel door rubber back & remove the 2 Phillips head screws from the B post cove & the 2 Phillips head screws from the kick plate & remove the B post cover, then remove the kick plates. These screws seem to have a corrossion problem & are best replaced with Stainless steel ones (Make sure you re-fit the door striker in the correct position & GENTLY close the door to ensure alignment).
    Remove the 11 (I think) allen head bolts from the underside of the sideskirt - these seem to vary in head size - so an assortment of allen drives is essential!
    Remove the 10mm head nut from inside the front wheelarch - located at the rear base of the wing where it joins the sideskirt.
    Remove the Phillips head screws from the face exposed by the kick plate removal.
    Move to the rear inner wheelarch area.
    Remove the 2 x 10mm head nuts located deep inside the rear quarter panel, these can be found at the top edge of the skirt about 6" & 12" back from the door. It is best to use a GOOD ratchet spanner for these as it is only possible to turn a normal socket/spanner about 1/5 of a turn at a time.
    Remove the 2 remaining 10mm head nuts located in line with the rear wheelarch on the reverse trailing edge of the skirt.
    Release the front end of the skirt & gently move back along the car working the panel away.
    At the rear, the skirt needs to be held at a considerable angle to release the upper edge, be VERY careful at this stage it is best to spend some time gently working the panel away than tugging like mad!
    Remove the 4 x Phillips head screws retaining the intake grilles.
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    360 front bumper removal.

    Front end up on stands & remove both front wheels.
    Drop the forward wheelarch liners (the grille ones) a series of Phillips head screws & a couple of Allen bolts.
    Remove the 4 circular rubber covers inside the luggage bay (forward face).
    Unscrew the 7 (I think!) self tapping Phillips head screws that secure the front bumper to the under tray.
    Unbolt the 4x13mm head nuts inside the front wheelarches - identifiable by having a spreading plate fixed behind them - 2 either side.
    Unbolt the 4x17mm head nuts that were revealed behind the luggage bay rubber covers. (2 either side). The l/h lower one is easiest removed with a ratchet spanner rather that a socket as the internal trim kicks the socket off-centre.
    Slide the front bumper horizontally away from the car & ensure you have a soft surface to drop it onto (I use a duvet...........}
    Make sure you mark the bumper mounting shims - they are different on every car & can be different on each side.
    Once the bumper is on the ground release the headlamp washer tube clip that holds the washer pipe to the bottle (this is a U shaped black clip). Make sure you have a receptacle ready to catch the washer fluid, or you'll have a flood on your hands
    Tip the bumper onto it's forward face & unscrew the 5 Phillips head self tapping screws that hold each grille in place.

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    Tightening torques




    Screws fastening the engine compartment lid hinges onto the top's frame

    Screws fastening the lock striker plate to the engine compartment lid

    Screws fastening the luggage compartment lid hinges to the Bodywork

    Screws fastening the lock striker plate to the luggage compartment

    Tightening of bumper central nut

    Tightening of bumper side nut

    Tightening of screw fastening central bracket to bodywork

    Tightening of screw fastening central bracket to bumper

    Tightening of nut for bumper's side fastening

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