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Thread: F355 Heater won't blow hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fife355 View Post
    Fantastic. Knew I'd get an answer on here. Given what I've read elsewhere, I reckon its the hot water valve thats stuck shut - seems to be a fairly common issue on these cars.

    Is it true that this valve is the same as a Saab pattern part only with a longer/shorter(can't remember which!) spindle on the end?
    Manualy wind it open(heater valve)now tell me do you have heat?,unscrew the screws on the top remove the cover you will see a gearbox type aragement,it will take a bit of winding but will open the valve,dont ask me witch way to wind it cus its been that long i can't remeber.

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    Thanks for all your replies. I'll try winding the valve open when I get the chance at the weekend and let you know if thats the offending item.


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    I know this is an old thread but new member here and thought I would add something after having had the same issue on my 98 GTS. I managed to get hold of the Saab part that needed modification but ventured inside the unit and found that the motor itself is exactly the same part number as the one inside the unit on my car so I just swapped the motors over and didn't have any modifying to do.
    It still didn't work, both motors were bench tested when removed and found to be working fine so the problem obviously lies elsewhere.

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