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    Default Carbon ceramics f430

    Slight moment to night !
    I organise some of the Dreadnought Track Nights at Knockhill , so after everything sorted out I thought hell lets take the 430 out, lovely sunshine dry track just perfect.
    Blast out pit lane warm brakes up first lap thatís fine then were warp factor 10 , good good along back straight 130mph hard on the stoppers and not much going on in the stopping room like 10% stopping . anker out job
    Lap 3 and same again but now sum bite but still not much.
    Back in and notice that rotors are glazed over in some areas not so in others so back out again and 5 laps later seem to do the trick.
    A friend Ian was saying due to the previous owner probably never using the brakes hard the Discs become glazed over , is this something other ceramic owner have experienced .
    One otherthing the car was amazing

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    Not noticed glazing but after a valet the brakes felt very "wooden" and no bite. they came back after a few miles and some hard braking. All i could think of is that some car/wash wax got onto the rotors.

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