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Thread: 355 clutch slave cylinder removal procedure.

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    Default 355 clutch slave cylinder removal procedure.

    Once the rear bumper, exhaust system and clutch/flywheel has been removed the tools needed are, 8mm socket, rubber mallet and brake fluid.

    1/ If there has not been a leak of any type first undo the bleed nut to relese pressure of the fluid (1).

    2/At the top of the slave/bearing carryer there are x2 8mm bolts (pic 2) that hold the slide restrictor in place. Undo these and then pull the slave/bearing away. The unit will now be in ya hand, and x2 springs will just fall out of the two spring slots, pick up and put with restrictor unit.

    3/ Check and clean the imput shaft for scores and fluid hole blockages (pic 3).

    4/ Smear the new slave cylinder/bearing seals inside the new unit with clean clutch fluid (pic 4)

    5/ Press the new unit home using an even yet very firm push to get seals over the shaft.

    6/ Once the unit is all the way on replace the x2 rear springs into there cutouts (pic 5)

    7/ Fit the x2 8mm bolts and restrictor back onto the gear box housing.

    8/ Bleed the clutch unit using the valve in picture 1. Job done dudes

    Notes/ the whole slave cylinder/bearing swap job takes maybe 5 minuets.
    Also you will see that my old factory unit has indeed burst the alloy (pic 6)casting Pushing some of the whole seal through the crack. The new unit which is made by Paul Hills has more meat on the unit and is a more robust unit, see the comparason pictures 7 & 8
    The 355 that the unit had come from was a 1995 spider with 42k miles on the clock.
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