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Thread: How to change instrument light's on the 348.

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    Default How to change instrument light's on the 348.

    I opend my instrument panel today to change the light bulbs, Graham had sent me some real cool blue light bulbs but in my case they didnt fit.
    But I took some pics of how you can remove your instrument panel, just in case somebody of you wonder how to change the light bulbs.

    In the first two pics you'll see where the screws are located on the 348 (I think several models have the same screws on the same place)
    Unscrew both screws on each side....kinda upwards....

    PIC 3
    Gently pull out the panel from the bottom and up, it's probably been in for a very long time so the panel COULD be kinda sticky to the rest of the dashboard - just take it easy....

    PIC 4 AND 5
    The red sockets you see in this pic is the holder for the lightbulb, use a pair of pilars and gently twist it anti clockwise to get it lose, remove the socket and replace the lightbulb - there are NO cables attached to this socet, it get's it's power from the thin blueish plastic "sheet" you'll see in the pic.
    DONT use the pilars to get the lightbulb out of the socket, just pull it out with your fingers - and remember its very fragile..
    ALSO NOTE in this pic, that little clip on the upper part of the dashboard, this one is stuck to the rest of the dashboard so you need to lift it over it.

    PIC 6 AND 7
    Like I mentioned earlier, the bulbs I had didnt fit - it expanded the red socket holder too much, so it wouldnt fit in the panel again
    So I had to use my regular bulbs again....

    Surprisingly easy actually

    I also replaced my cabin light with these cool bule light, the 348 has 2 bulbs - but I dont remember the exact measures on these bulbs, 30 35 mm or something, Graham knows the correct measures
    These new bulbs was ca 2-3 mm larger than the original bulbs but it was no problem of making them fit.(I have only ONE bulb in my car at this time, Graham are gonna send me more l8r)
    Hope this helps ....
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