I'm afraid I'm a non Ferrari owner on this site, that said I do have good intentions !

Like just about every car nut out there I have of course, 'always dreamed' of owning a Ferrari. I now find myself in the position of being able to spend around 30-35k on such a car and have been considering a 348 of some description.

I'd like to ask a few questions and hopefully someone will be able to furnish me with some answers :

348 - I get the distinct impression they were not the most popular Ferrari - am I wrong? if I'm right then why were they not popular.

Driving experience, I've driven 355 & 360 but not the 348. I realise that there is no PAS on the 348 but does anyone else have any other observations on the 'drivability' of this car ?

What is the best model/variant of the 348 ? I realise the usual rule of thumb applies (i.e. lowest miles, newest car is best) but does anyone else have any other ideas here ?

Dealer or private purchase ?

Would appreciate any other comments or suggestions anyone else may have.

Many thanks