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Thread: 348 DIY "Restoration"

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    Quote Originally Posted by irarref View Post
    Ill double checjk it but pretty sure I set them to both be 383 just the other week.

    As I say and you alluded to, if it's not putting out a signal at all the engine should still run, it should only stall if it's putting out something but wildly different to 383ohms as that would either flood or starve the engine of fuel.

    Could be a snag with it resulting in a fluctuating signal or could be an ECU snag meaning that the MAF is putting out 383 ohms but the ECU is incorrectly using that number. Could also try a full ECU reset to see if that clears it?

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    Thankfully I've managed to fix it :-) Been for a run out in the car and everything is back to normal - what a relief!

    It bothered me that the "new" (to me) MAF didn't make the car run any worse after it was unplugged as if it was already in an unplugged state and unplugging the other side finally sealed it. So rather than swapping them round I put my original MAF back just to see if that would pass the "make a difference" test and guess what? the car appeared to run a lot better.

    It is now much more like what I expect ie unplugging either side should cause a drop in performance. BTW I've not run the car for 8 months so that "smoke" is just condensation.

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