Just wondering what the consensus and thoughts on this subject are ?

I have had my 360 for a little over a month now and it needed belts next year however, as the belt job is quite simple on a 360 I thought I would get it done whilst I was on holiday as the car has quite low mileage and I am forever cautious about rubber/plastic items that are left unused for any length of time.

The car went in to KHPC for this work and I asked Roger about failed variators - of course the early problematic units have mostly been replaced under Ferrari's campaigns however Roger reported that he has seen 3 instances of the problem in recent months. I did not go into detail with him as to whether these were modified units that had failed but it seems sensible that they would have been given that pretty much every 360 owner should be aware of the issue and should have had them changed FOC in the past.

As a precaution, I asked Roger to change mine despite that they would have been the new design from factory with my car being 'safe' due to the build date. The cost of the unit is not expensive at the moment at around 68 each +VAT from Eurospares, fitting is around 3-4 hours per side labour plus a few consumables so not cheap in that respect but a whole lot cheaper than an engine rebuild if one fails.

Interested to hear what other people think about this issue.