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Thread: 360 Camshaft Variators - anyone else replacing as a precaution ?

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    This is part of the special tool to hold the cams in place:
    Two metal drums with claws inside are fitted over the top, then gradually tightened up until the cam is gripped sufficiently to release the variator. They don't work if the variator has been overtightened or it's of the earlier type. It's best to remove the cam anyway and properly dial it back in

    There is a special tool to check the internal threads of the cam once the variator is off,(part 9571855) which looks like this:

    The SD2 is used to set the pulley position on the variator, it has four slotted holes secured with 10mm nuts. the SD2 should read 652-672 bits, and both banks must match exactly.

    Once complete "VD" should be stamped near the front of the engine, on a little tab that sticks out under the rocker cover, although i know of several places that never used to bother! The update stamp looks like this:
    Alternatively, the modified variator always had a blob of green paint on the end which should be visable by removing the timing belt covers. Variators should always be changed in pairs. The book time for this job was 4.5 hours per side, but removing the cam and setting them back up properly adds another 3 hours per side.

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    Once again, thanks for the insight. Very valuable.

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    Picked the car up today, checked with Roger and as I suspected, they follow Ferrari procedures to the letter for fitting components - so for the variators, a reduced torque and no thread lock.

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