I have a pro photographer friend who would like to expand his portfolio in cars, having specialized in two-wheeled photography for many years. Here are a couple of links to some of his work so that you can get the feel for his style (and that he can take some great stuff):


He is looking to do a free-of-charge shoot on a couple of different hypercars, so ideally F40, F50, Enzo, Aventadors, CGTs, SLR Mercs etc.

The shoot/s would take place at a location/s to be confirmed, but somewhere like Bruntingthorpe. He would plan to do one car per shoot, and it would take a full day. (He wouldn't just be taking snaps, but setting up full-on magazine-type photos with considerable lighting and set-up time.)

There would be no payment either way, but in return for your time you would obviously get free copies of the end result photos.

If anyone is interested in this offer please can you PM me your contact details and I shall put you in touch directly.

Many thanks