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Thread: Convoy(s) to Supercar Event at Dunsfold

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    Quote Originally Posted by candellara View Post
    First time i've really given it some proper exercise and it really holds it's own against some modern exotica - Gallardo's etc

    Being used to relative "lightweights" ala CS, 997RS, Exige, the proper use of weight transfer in the braking zones in a relatively weighty GT car is something i'm still getting used to again.

    Your 599 / your driving was looking fairly handy today and i very much doubt i could have trailed you
    I was having fun , pic I took
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    First year I've done this, and enjoyed it a lot. First time I've been on a track too, and my 360 impressed me very much - great fun.

    I was tentative about doing the Sunday - but the passengers really made it worthwhile. I was thanked many times by adults for providing the car, and the kids were great. Funniest of the day was a young kid who only looked about 6! While we were waiting to go, he told me cars scare him and he didn't want to go fast.

    "Will I get thrown about in the car"?
    - That depends how fast we go - do you want to be thrown about?
    "No. Will I be pushed back in the seat"?
    - That depends on how fast we go - do you want to be pushed back in the seat?
    "No - maybe just a little bit"

    OK, so I set off much slower than usual - not full on acceleration. We went through the chicane, and he immediately said : "I don't know what I was scared of, this is brilliant - you can go faster!"

    I think the memories will stay with them for a long time - think there were definitely some youngsters who have supercars in their plans later in life!

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    Quote Originally Posted by F355GTS View Post
    I was having fun , pic I took
    Great shot Mark. Can you e-mail me the hi-res version?


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