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Thread: 355 Fuel line - over or under?

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    Eric Singleton

    Default 355 Fuel line - over or under?

    Hi, can anyone confirm whether the fuel line from the filter to the distribution block on the engine should go over or under the chassis member where the filter is mounted? Mine is routed over the chassis member but clearly rubs when the engine running which doesn't seem right.

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    Hi Eric

    I have attached below four pictures showing how the flexible hose was routed on my Spider before I removed the engine, clearly above the tube like yours.

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    Whilst replacing the fuel filter with the engine removed I felt that the better routing of the hose was below that tube to avoid chafing etc as per the picture below. I have now changed my mind as I think having the hose above the tube keeps it far away from the exhaust header. I think the rubbing can be minimised with the position of the upper banjo which I have left loose until I refit the engine to get the best position.

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    Hi Terry, many thanks for a comprehensive reply.

    I hadn't thought about the proximity to the exhaust if it is routed underneath - good point. The movement in the fuel pipe has rubbed off the black coating down to the red paint underneath on my chassis and I can see minor wear signs on the pipe so I am tempted to either tie wrap the pipe to the chassis or protect it with a short length of pipe rubber hose wrapped around it.


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