Changes on Club Scuderia

Gents, This follows on from the consultation thread concerning changes on CS. Having considered a wide ranging number of options the committee are in the process of making the following changes.

Layout / Sections.

Firstly, as you can see we have rationalised the sections and moved the odd item – the aim is to promote traffic on the site and ensure areas that were not used removed – and others added. The whole aim is to make the site more user friendly and promote more meets / interaction between members.

Russ’s Café , for those who know of its history is now in the Lounge.

The 348 section, this section whilst used, did detract from the other areas and we have moved all 348 threads into the relevant section. Let me also reiterate that should we reach the point where it was felt model specific areas could be supported they would be seriously considered .

We are also trying to change the layout of VBulletin via the use of a skin, but this is proving a bit more problematic – but if the site suddenly changes you know we have got it working ! (this is what we are trying to install)

The Unsubscribed members.

This class of member has had their pm box increased to 100 and allowed to post pictures. They are also able to post in all sections apart from the Club Zone and the Sales / wanted section.

Rules and Constitution.

We have made some changes to the above, but nothing of earth shattering importance. We stripped out some of the Rules , that to be quite honest hark back to the early days of CS…….but otherwise its pretty much as it was.

The constitution, has seen minor adjustments, i.e. whether we have to use 3rd party software or not for voting,. Making sure all 3 comms have to agree for Charity contributions, plus tightening up the language re nominated charities and Bans etc.

Let’s not forget that we , as members have a duty to help, and support the club as we try to move forward.

And an unashamed plug here…….for those of us lucky enough to own a Ferrari, please post pictures in the right section or even write a running report !