We are very please to announce a new Sponsor in the form of Christian Lewis Performance and Classic Cars

It is lovely to see their Ferrari Servicing operation headed by Ed Blasi - who is an old friend and long time member to Club Scuderia .

For Those who don't know, Ed Blasi, was trained within the dealer network, and has previously owned his own successful Ferrari after-sales specialist garage. With Twenty years experience, a keen eye for detail and a deep seated passion for the Marque, we feel sure you will struggle to find a more fastidious specialist to take care of your vehicle.

Christian Lewis boasts the latest in specialist tooling, as well as the factory diagnostic tool, the Ferrari SD3, which allows us to take care of your Italian thoroughbred to levels above and beyond the abilities of most other Marque specialists. Christian Lewis have in depth knowledge of all Tipos - both old and new.

We specialise in repair of the F1 gearbox system, including pinpointing faults and finding cost-effective solutions, as well as Engine rebuilds, Fitment of upgraded Hill suspension components, clutch replacements, servicing, sports exhausts and in-depth electrical diagnosis and repair