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    Morning all

    Following on from my 360 or 430 thread I have seen a 430 that I quite like. However the manifolds appear to be original and there is no reference to them in the full and documented service history.
    The car is a 2006 with 22,000 miles on the clock.

    So my questions are. Were the manifolds a factory recall and what are the repercussions of buying a car with the original manifolds on.


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    I would be surprised if these were the original manifolds, as they all seem to have problems 10 to 12,000 miles is normal.

    All the heat expansion has to go somewhere so either the manifolds break, or the L shaped brackets that hold the silencer to the gearbox will crack - which then cause the manifolds to break. This might show itself as a blowing exhaust and you may have fibre dust blown out of the metal jackets (this will be the heat insulation being blown out). You can also check to see if the metal heat jacket has been cut off and welded back on (this is the cheap repair !!)

    I recall that they were a "recall" in the states as they have different smog laws. In the UK you might have got a free change if the car was still in warranty. A 2006 car will have the mk1 manifolds later mk2 manifolds were meant to be an improvement but even with them on things will still break.

    Worse case scenario is that the precats inside the manifolds break up (they are ceramic) , and with the manifold leaving the head and going straight up = bits of ceramic cat dropping into the engine, giving you a 20k coffee table

    Most people fit capristo brackets which seems to solve the problem as the system can then move as it heats up.

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    If you have the Ferrari guarantee, are the manifolds covered?

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    I read alot about the manifold issue before I purchased my F430, and came to the conclusion that I had to buy one with uprated manifolds.... but that was like looking for a very tiny needle in a very very big haystack!

    When I found the car I now own, I was lucky to negotiate the price down so I could fit a pair of replacement manifolds, for my own peace of mind.

    So purchased the car, and had the Capristo manifolds fitted with the kevlar heat jackets and new brackets for less than the original asking price, and a lifetime guarantee included.


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