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Thread: Ferrari 348 Tyres

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    Default Ferrari 348 Tyres

    Hi, I am after some new tyres for the 348....anyone recommend where best to get them from?
    Also at the moment the only ones I can get that are the right speed ratings are the: -
    Pirelli PZero Asymmetrical 98Y 255/45YR17
    Pirelli P Asymmetricetrico 91Y 215/50YR17
    The cheapest I can get them fitted is 890....if anyone supplies on here, I can get them fitted too, so am happy to just have them delivered.

    I think I am going to go for the above, unless anyone recommends anything else?

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    Have you done a Google search using "online tyres"? Seems to me that there's loads to choose from the usual suspects (black circles, my tyres etcetera).

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