Just thought some of you might like to hear of my experience with Adrian Flux when trying to arrange insurance for my Carrera RS 3.0 replica.
As usual when renewal is due I decided to look around to see if I could get a better quote and contacted AF. After going through all the details of the car, telling them everything they asked about they car they came up with a very competitive quote, which I decided to accept, and paid for by paid credit card. The policy was to start on Nov 9th. The morning after taking out the policy I received an email from AF telling me that I had to fill out this online form listing all the modifications to the car from the original donor vehicle. The original car is over 41 years old and some of the question were impossible to answer.
Consequently, I decided to cancel my policy and telephoned them. I explained everything to them (as above) and was told that I would be charged a cancellation fee of 25. It was only after pointing out to them that there is a law regarding a 14 day cooling off period, the policy had not even come into effect, and I would be contacting my credit card company to challenge their charge that they agreed to a full refund.